Top 5 Best Fake Lottery Prank Reactions ~3Mad Fayad Video

lottery prank

Top 5 Best Fake Lottery Prank Reactions!

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if I got one two three folks by 608 m Zima I stop by the grocery store and I got scratches on there I’ll scratch when you scratch one and then if we win you have to split the winnings I’ll scratch mine too oh I lost I didn’t win anything Bubba yeah what what finish thousand dollars know you did I know you did in ten thousand dollars now Bobby you’re breaking me but are you going G not win a thousand thousand really where were you going well I don’t know if he’s pranking us I just got myself into a lot of cholo yeah you hey what’s up guys so I have this fake lottery ticket I’m gonna to give it to grandmother and make her think that she actually won and this is a winner for a $1,000,000 she is gonna flip her shit I know how much you love scratch off so I got you a lottery ticket scratch this one off more no you got to scratch it all the way go I’m hold that cryin holy shit grandma that’s zero six that’s your fuckin lucky number she want a million dollars girl you could buy a house okay look girl we got to cash it in I guess wherever you bought this night you can take it over there and you can take it any place any well we don’t have it because you’re gonna see like no where are you gonna go to get your money oh yeah what are you doing now I’ll be right out grandma okay grandmom is outside right now just the heads up mom is in on it and so is Sabrina she didn’t really win a million dollars how you feeling grandma I feel lucky we’re gonna head out right now and go try and cash this in for Grandma you got your lottery take the ground we’re going in right now new dirt New Jersey lottery I’m I think she’s a winner high ground see if you’re a winner million dollars that’s nonsense I mean summed up with Charles it’s a fake ticket man it’s fake it’s not all those and then I have to what I’m a half decent forever are you so many I don’t know all right so is there five or six or six oh I got you six all right so I get three you get three okay let me choose the ones that take these two all right okay of course any meanie miney moe pick one great look I’m like I don’t know because they have to go talk to door knockers go inside and go talk to the guy ask look can I look at it first wait what the hell is he doing huh oh my what the hell is he doing guys guys guys guys guys what the hell is he doing what the hell he’s selling people like you just want the freaking lottery you won $10,000 you just gave away your money because I want to share with the world $1,000 what do you mean you gave all your money the money out of my pocket is guilt all you just gave your cash out we want to throw it away why would you do that just won $10,000 let’s go she’ll go inside you the money I don’t know how you I don’t know how it works I don’t know all right well don’t you have I don’t know anyone what I don’t know if you actually won did you win oh yeah let me Casey can I see it no I’m gonna go get the money okay okay okay no mud okay Wow we got everything on camera whoa shut up hurry up it’s not funny huh innocent this is fake wait he was lucky just hate on me doesn’t say fate though he’s sent his fake he goes bro this isn’t real how does he know it’s not real I don’t get it whether you tell him that another girl who’s just walked in but wait wait let’s our money oh I see those guys guys look at that look at that look at the MCA focus on Jota Jota it’s not focusing there what a deer go are we are ten thousand eight thousand ten thousand you see it oh yeah I never smile I never held ten thousand on my hand before right can I see what ten thousand feel like I never held it in my hand for here you can see it can’t you what you mean I can’t you hold ten thousand in my head wait Oh yeah why do you have to be single around now yeah I got money mouth so you’re just gonna leave me when you get your I need a pen pens what how Oh.


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