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So today I decided to replace my pill container with tic tacs and CHUG IT in front of my mom and see her reaction. It didn’t end too well… I hope you guys enjoyed the prank video! for all the support I love you to FaZe Rug: Pranks: me on social media to stay connected:

If you read this far down the description I love you!

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all right what’s going on guys phase run here and today I’m bringing us a brand new video and I hope you guys are all having a great day as always right mom whoo what’s up and today I’m actually going to the urgent care to get my arm checked out because the past week I’ve been throwing golf ball to the golf course and I feel like I pulled a muscle or like I dislocated something in my arm it’s been hurting for like the past week and I want to go get it checked out so I’m heading over to the urgent care and you guys are coming along with me so I do hope you guys enjoy I don’t think it’s anything bad I feel like they’re just going to give me medicine and just say rest or I I don’t know but yeah and I got it weighs their local urgent care should I go I think I’m going to go to the one leg back where we used to live because they had yeah they have everything in the system I don’t want to fill out papers or anything so for real because I went there when I broke my foot when I jumped into the phone pan they’re like you’re crazy I showed them the video but hey Bosley Bosley Bosley okay I’m gonna go okay bye Oh we’ll do a little does my mom know I’m not going to the urgent care right now I’m actually heading over to the store to buy some tic tacs why am i buying tic tacs you may ask well I’m actually going to be pulling a prank on my mom and I used to do these pranks all the time where I put stuff in something like here let me give you an example I did Gatorade in Windex bottle prank I replaced Windex with blue Gatorade and I drank it in front of my mom okay I replaced glue the white Elmer’s glue with milk and I drank that in front of my mom try not to keep all around laughs I’m gonna show you to watch the trick I replaced vodka with water and I drank it in front of my dad let me get some of this in my system Chris and I hike right right it Grey Goose you want me to help Oh what are you doing hey guy hey I have some history with these types of pranks and I actually read a comment on my video from one year ago I was watching my old videos and I read through the comments and someone said rug please put tic tacs in a pill bottle and chug the whole thing in front of your mom and see what she does and I’m like that is a brilliant idea why did I not think about that before so right now I have one of my old tool bottles from when I broke my foot in the foam pit and I barely took any of these I’m going to be replacing juice with tic tacs and then I’m going to go home and I told my mom was going to the urgent care and she’s probably gonna think they’re going to give me medicine and stuff so I’m going to go home and say oh they prescribed me this painkillers and then I’m just going to open it and I’m gonna just like take a bunch at once and see what my mom does my mom is crazy with drugs let me just tell you that like anytime I get prescribed something she makes me take half not even one like she goes crazy for that stuff even for like over the counter stuff like Tylenol or Advil she’ll say take one or less half a fourth do not take more than one like she’s crazy like that she’s super super against drugs and I respect that a lot about my mom she’s amazing and I love her so mom I’m sorry I have to do this to you I don’t even have to do it but I want to because I love pranking you and I love your reactions and it’s hilarious and I know all of you guys loved it as well so I hope you guys enjoyed the video we have to only have some tic tacs I haven’t even seen or ate tic tacs in like years so I don’t even know if they’re discontinued or I don’t know if I just don’t see them anymore but we’re gonna replace my pills with tic tacs I hope you guys enjoyed this video please smash that like button for bringing back a prank like this let’s do it looks like they’re not just continued guys I got the Tic Tacs and now I just have to kill time to make it seem like I really went to the urgent care so I’m just going to like drive around kind of explore this town and I’m probably wait like 30 45 more minutes before I call my mom I’m gonna call her and I’m gonna tell her they prescribed me something and I need to go pick it up I’m ready to execute this prank guys I miss doing pranks like these and they’re like the most believable especially because I started the intro I told my mom even before the video started I’m like I’m gonna go to the urgent care let me just start my video so she literally thinks I’m going to the urgent care so I’m going to come home with pills and then the pill container is going to be these tic tacs I’m literally just gonna chug them so well I’m pretty nervous about this one but I’m gonna kill some time right now drive around explore this town I have time to waste I’m good and then I’m going to give my mom a call and tell her I’m going to pick up my prescription hopefully she doesn’t leave I need to make sure she stays home so hope you guys do enjoy this video guys let’s try to smash a hundred thousand like I know what you do it alright so I’m driving around and I’m pretty sure I’m lost but I found horses I don’t know where I am it’s like a little ranch area it’s near my house whoa what’s up there sorry little baby horse oh it’s cute Bosley Bosley Bosley garage I’m gonna put you in the garage I have no idea where I am guys guys my mom just text me right now she’s like hey Bryan please let me know what they say and I have an appointment with Tammi which is her hair lady at 1:30 I just want to make sure you’ll be back for Bosley I don’t want to leave him alone it’s 12:45 right now guys it’s been about an hour since I left I think I’m going to call her right now and let her know that I have to go pick up some pills and then come home hello hi mom I just left right now Oh what did they say they said I didn’t dislocate it or like like hurt it at all these that is just super sore so that’s what yeah so they just prescribe me minutes and I’m gonna go pick it up right now okay as I look what to hear yeah I know I know yes please oh okay that’s the thing you want them yeah no good thing it wasn’t like anything serious like sprained muscle or tore muscle or anything like that but yeah I’m just gonna go pick up the medicine then I’ll come so you could go to Tammi yeah them all sound bloody okay hi baby thank you okay okay All Right see em on by ah do this hold on real quick I do not know where the hell I am right now look at this like there’s like a single house right there and just mountains nothing else all right guys we are about to fill this bad boy up with the tic tacs and this is the prescription that I went to pick up I’m gonna go home take some in front of my mom well bye so I mean a lot and see your reaction let’s get it oh my god these look like pills dude are you kidding me tell me that doesn’t look like prescription pills right there mom I’m so sorry you are about to get pranked really bad I think this should be good enough because they don’t usually fill up the prescription all the way I have to kill some time before going home probably like another 30 minutes because in my mom 10 I’m going to the store and picking up some pills so in about 30 minutes I’m gonna go home I’m just going to drive around some more and execute this prank I’m so hyped to do this guy’s Tic Tac in pill bottle prank I hope you guys enjoy all right guys I just made it home after like 25 minutes and I’m gonna go inside see where my mom is set the camera up and just go up to her and just be like oh they prescribed me this and then I’m just gonna take a lot at once and see what happens I’m pretty nervous now I wasn’t nervous to begin with when I thought about it but now actually doing it I’m super nervous but I hope you guys enjoy we’re gonna go inside see where she is and set up the camera let’s get it guys again a thousand bees no because I believe at least 500 now Chisholm is silver yeah Archie look at mine why are you driving up in it okay because I’m physically aggressive but I snapped it is operate kill yourself where are they hey batter bottle he’s on his phone oh yeah I didn’t take all of it yeah nothing where is it where are the red husband why did you put them because my arms were turkey the holy texts the laser geometrical design cookie for you can art be repeating myself every way I wanted to take some of their success I mean in terms of got some messes you understand mr.Doggett okay okay wait Bob let me get one more beam up okay try it destroy it final decision is a step toward you go with you take that knot out instead they came up right there I walked in and I said if you’re watching the dishes oh my god ah mom you really slapped the out of it out of my hand on the top now it’s on oh my good oh my god don’t look so scary our mom is scary when I saw you putting a jar in your mouth and this is not a dough this is not funny ha ha ha jar in your mouth I love in pain well I see the whole thing go down your throat and when you spit it out those still start coming out it looks so real I followed like six guy that’s all like I thought so much if I thought that I could have all tomorrow I’d actually choke and die but I tried calling his bitch think you know why can’t we find a doubt of your mom who lesbian you cannot yeah I know oh my god because I told him how much you’re against like the pills and drugs and stuff so I’m like let me do this Tic Tac in pill container pretty common not I’m not sure that how they yeah guys for those who don’t know like a thousand milligram oh my god my ears all wet my face is like a thousand milligrams I love $1,000 grams is like the highest like dosage of whatever but before I had the video I come to say if your doctor prescribes you anything any painkillers any meds take what the doctors does to take do not reenact what I just did this is just the printing I put Tic Tacs in there none of those are real pills so take what the doctor tells you to take or less because pills are not safe and they’re not you don’t want to get into that kind of stuff so bond I’m sorry how many know for real oh my god I was real here doing that me when she ran up to me I ain’t know she was literally gonna slap the out of my water that oh I don’t even think about Oh downloading uploading downloading the downloading the pills Computers hi oh my god okay mom I’m sorry here give me a lot reminds me I’m jumping Texas yeah my mom is washing dishes I swear to God after I don’t this is deja vu but this is a new house we’ve got so crazy my mom was washing dishes in one of the pranks that I did Gatorade in with Nick Faldo crank which is now almost at 10 million 10 million crazies next time if you walk in from anyway I’m not going to say it ain’t here you walk into the garage my mom is so funny mom again I’m sorry no hard feelings I won’t prank you for a long time but you guys really don’t even try I know it’s the front I know it sticks AG but if you get prescribe anything sticks Lisbon’s what they told ya I told them that that’s what you say but anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this prank video if you did please be sure to drop a like seriously one of my favorite ones oh my god almost tell me you scratch the hell yeah I wouldn’t have prized bugs I are going to sack clean oh thank you oh you guys subscribe to our news thank you so much for watching my sonic button and other than that it’s been rugs Somerville and we are out peace. .

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