The Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

I pulled a lottery prank on my mother.

we should at least tell me what’s gonna be well just you say hello my mom she is going to kill me after she sees this in hears about this I’m gonna play a prank on her and it’s going to be a lottery and let’s see what happens I’m gonna try to tell her that I want thirty thousand dollars you see well here goes nothing he’s not picking up nope see then pick up you that’s you know what then we call give a little race huh the grace can you put my mom on the phone quick i got starting to tell her i got very good news for her no literally wake her up she’s gonna be happy mom I just got a lot a lot a ticket and I and I 130 thousand dollars hi no I’m not I 130 thousand dollars he’s not joking I got to take it right here and it says 30,000 Sumio giving you 30 talking dog show mom literally I want 30 thousand dollars all right all right love you too bye ah wow she actually fell for it bye.


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