The Crazy Lottery Prank On My Brother! Video

lottery prank

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thousand dollars to managers my brother 165 people what is going on everybody yes I am wearing my fur jacket because it’s I promised myself I’m going to stop complaining about the Canadian weather so I’m not gonna say anything about how cold it is my butts freezing it’s unbelievably cold but I’m not gonna complain nope on that OSHA vengers let’s begin the day ok everybody uh today’s vlog is going to be super basic super to the point I just want to jump right into it I’m going to be pranking sunny I’m going to be pranking him even though I pranked this kid three days ago which a lot of you felt was rude because I gave him an i.Phone for his birthday and I took it back oh wait not in a bro bro this was a prank when I gave him another i. Phone and then he opened it and there was like an i. Phone cover in there because I had to test it out a lot of you were telling me that you know it’s rude but I want you guys to understand that you know he’s my little brother and I love him to death and you know yet that you guys are right that that was rude is that gonna stop me from pranking him nope I’m gonna prank him again and now I don’t know how Sonny is going to react but if it goes right he’s probably gonna go to the sky and then I’m gonna hold his leg and I’m gonna bring him back to the ground and that is going to be something that is just amazing to witness ok Avengers I’m driving but I’m looking back at the same time I think it’s kind of dangerous than II what do you think okay so that’s burnt up okay SH Avengers I am currently in the passenger seat and I am NOT driving sorry bro I always keep Frank knows it give me the camera bro okay what I was gonna say was bro I understand I’ve been pranking you a lot lately I understand I gave you that i. Phone and then I kind of took it back from you I understand you were hurt so I want you to give me a chance to make up for it the thing is you know what you’re just taking revenge from me pranking you cuz I’m the one who actually started all of this you’re just sad over it so you keep okay so I’m trying I’m actually being nice to you and I’m giving you a chance to give me a chance to give you a gift and you’re like what I don’t want to give bro what so bro just listen to me let me take you out let me make it up for my horrible prank that I did on you that a lot of flower vendors hate it cuz y’all there on my side you wish but anyways guys I’m gonna take Sonny out and get him a very nice gift we are at the store you guys want to come in like for a quick refreshment we’re gonna grab any drinks no hoes you wanna come in come in let’s go grab something for yourself at rescue drinks oh yeah what do you think it’s what’s it you want anything else grab a lottery ticket here we play what’s the best lottery you guys have okay Irish avengers it’s about to go tell this is Emma this is your story yes emma is my friend who’s helping me prank Sonny okay so what exactly we’re gonna do I’m going to be bringing Sonny to Amer’s store and I’m going to ask him to pick one of the lottery tickets aimer can you explain what we’re gonna do next well you’re gonna fix a lottery ticket and then you’re gonna give me that lottery ticket I’m gonna check and act like you guys want how many how much money $65,000 money is absolutely going to lose it you got the Go. Pro set up right over here because we’re going to be right over there uh Emma good luck man no bro I why you keep hugging yo I want your best acting today I want you to act like he actually won and I want you to play this fake lottery winning sound from okay have you ever played lottery it’s playing maybe it’s your viper like yeah I’ll get ya which one you want which one which one is the best sunny imagine if you end up winning big today man do people actually win here like windbag yeah what’s the biggest all these 14. 5 millions the biggest at my school 14. 5 somebody won 14.

5 million dollars at your store yeah Wow is your place on the scratch factory I just question with my nails how much is this five dollars I’m not kidding you actually 165 thousand dollars you know $65,000 no no I’m serious I’m serious actually 165 thousand dollars how much 65,000 what no way where we hold on what just no no wait wait hold on I’ll show you owe me nothing what does have wait what I don’t know what happened what happened because I said wait wait sixty sixty five thousand dollars yes we won six how much sixty five thousand six five zero zero zero I swear man I go oh my god five thousand in the show me you scratch it right and then I check and then when I checked my thousand dollars my brother 165 right how do I swear to god this my first time saying like ever whoa hey thank you what you may be in and they’re nice to meet you but I get the money you have to go to the ecology office to get the money quick question how soon do we get this money okay well let me just have to call mom right now come on so I I just go to the office and get the money that’s go I want to go right now I want to go right now I’m Steve I think this is not like okay without even like vlogging very seriously like sixty five thousand dollars not a joke this this is pure light this is the first time you ever played funny and this is crazy like I’m so happy for you can I like yo listen up are you able to do 50 50 I paid for it yeah I love you actually you know what cuz you paid for it so I could the thing is I’ll keep 100% of it how about that why are you jumping I can’t believe I won $5,000 man have you ever won anything I have never you’ll see my luck I have never played the lottery you’re you’re you guys want lottery if you’d let me sign it cuz I want that’s right buddy okay I do gotta tell you something stop dancing for a second okay come here just for a second uh you know what now we could do the throne of Baghdad now we could do 65 done sixty five damn g4 done Oh get it on listen to me nothing one second ah now I gotta tell you something no no grunting I gotta tell you something why are you calling mom are you tell her I want $65,000 ah some gum um guess what I won lottery Oh $65,000 I promise yeah I actually feel so bad for ever right now okay oh yo quick question oh right here okay what if I were to tell you that all of this was a prank and and me and amber kind of just kind of pranked you no don’t tell me you know no tell me well I hear my heart’s pounding well this was a prank I’m sorry no no no no no seriously no no no sorry bro deserves a break I mean like I didn’t know you would get this excited this was an old ticket like you didn’t win any time showing the music was played from you two bro you stand it why didn’t you scan from here I scan this part yo hold on one second one second hold on please tell me it’s not a winner yet another I never scanned your ticket not even like hundred dollars no it’s not what are you you see that Go.Pro right over there that’s a Go. Pro I thought that was your store camera I saw that don’t that be on the clock that’s the Go. Pro we pray the camera just for my happiness just play the winning sound one more time snow from the old sunny what oh my god bro bro thank you so much for the brain thank you so much everybody give it up for a mere whatever your city just decide clapping because your acting was on point Frank Sonny twice in a row that being said revenge errs technicals a vlog and I will catch you guys in the mix of water. .

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