The Best Lottery Prank Ever Video

lottery prank

His reaction is what makes the video even better.

I got six I’m a plate three you gotta play three plays at a play this thing play loose change but play play play down let’s just came out like you that’s a new one I want to see how much shoot smooth yeah I want something what we’re stuck in my trippy match match three like a mouse we have that amount right you read that right two thousand ten thousand ten thousand here we get with chicken crap crazy food machine shark fishing the other one that we want to know Saachi we just want two thumbs on a fuck what you talking about let’s check out what who cares about doing sake we just watch it would you scaring this damn ticket where’s the scanner it get in the back in the Sun I’m going to scan it by pushing sorry we just won ten thousand dollars I just that’s 10,000 10,000 10,000 match three like mouch wind that amount who’s gonna go catch it up I know let’s just make shows Saachi we just want two thousand dollars to do this site you make this work please scratch off ticket match three like it now win that amount of ten thousand ten thousands of 10,000 I thought I was tripping I thought it said a hundred thousand we just want to start you do you know how to do this for no me go out there wait long why are you gonna check today hold on fuck you I’ll go out fat chick come on go dentistry yeah thank you a real name what okay you put this right here right yeah just knew I just gave out like maybe today now working right here ception oh you just keep everybody keep keep it we gonna cash it out later man we’re gonna cash it out later man we want to doubt out of this one here Saachi are we English real fucking way of man brick wall fracture time please dearest read it scratches I only want to dialogue mr.touchy aren’t you when we go you just want to think I’m fucking when I can read good it’s fucking here I don’t know what I’ll say something else I think they don’t don’t don’t know Murray I don’t even know sorry I’m 67 ad work because they won’t you a percentage little received a letter percentage you that way hey Doug are you doing since it up government just one big pack we only get one too fresh three small pack you wanna go no gun so how many gonna be all 10,000 to be dollars to the total it up you think I’m crazy I thought the head hey Ben let me ask you something sweetie breathe this car for me and you then did I Matthew like a mouse and I just went in two thousand dollars and anything that I just one thing thousand oh thank you Lord I’ll be waiting for you shit oh I’m dance like your shares PNG government I want you talk long enough if we won oh well yeah haha we want you to tell the whole story all night is it come and chipping hey you know what what’d you get what’d you get oh well you are written want a redbull give a rare blood on me rambling on me I got a really short e then we just went to look at this again but look at it you see where said when you got three like a mouse you win that prize do you see two three ten thousand dollars up there I wanted thousand others ain’t no way laughing you know way around that suction we just want two thousand dollars on cheese we just want i can the engine oh my god i’m ready to go now it cancelled bite so i cancelled by himself easy tool in again don’t worry it’s on me that’s nothing right now fuck you your charter to me put it on the wall sucky whatever she won’t take a lot of time oh no no no well see you Oh keep playing on getting some stuff hey I got your head right are you calling me I’m sorry call my brother Tim hopefully I want to find out thank you baby just crank the yes charge it up for no be fucking your exam one what wait right now well now it’s time to turn up hello which one that bill I’m series on which one choc lil done ok yeah i’m usually we’re thinking around I got that footage from a set all right chocolate instead of protein if you’d like to me believe in game ok dollar ticket is a new one just came now and my buddy ask you later these there man Bennie thinks I’m not be just come on play with like okay cool i will i’ll pick you at emory and I said okay constructing often are I feel lucky about this ticket right here I’m gonna scrap this one first this one focus a match three like the Mets win that amount I scrapped off 2150 2025 dinner last one I’m thinking is gonna be a thousand and some stupid shit this bitch is ten down low what was that but yeah because he went half of all the bouncing ball work for figures we went half I brought the LT thing to eat don’t you want to catch it you gotta run on Jesse where the two dollars in cash from castro sorry we don’t have to run this is chin down I’m gonna leave the ticket right I’m so nervous I’m nervous I’m shaking a little bit come on man we just want a ten thousand dollar man you should be happy man we weren’t backed out of a piece of gear yep that woman she said she wants some too you see what she look you see a look off it I’m like oh yeah I said look at it let’s do it read it she would be like a mouse hey she was gonna be like you might be right over there I get to push it down right now that was right now huh I 1 plus match three like a mouse oh oh my god 13 on too yeah 30 hope do right mangie Thank You Sachi well I guess I guess you should be thanking me too because I don’t want you telling me out I’m gonna see my fucking win that were made you want to start playing with me two thousand up to me looking she can’t believe your weight yes we cracked it let me there’s no family for a minute Joe requested an ad what you gonna do with that 5,000 you’re going to get you one why you lost your drug nice that’s fucked up man thank you yep ad let me tell you something man ain’t no how feeling dia no hard feeling I’m sorry man doesn’t even have the scanning thingy oh shit I’m sorry I’m sorry man I had to do it Mara I gotta see how you go on relax man so I feel right now you’re pissed off yeah it was just a joke man come on don’t do this to me man you just left hey you just left like five dollars hey you know why that woman. .

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