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good morning probably I’m doing good let me know what you guys are doing in the comment section down below anyway today I’m gonna be trying to prank Makayla’s so basically she really wants our i.Phone X but instead of actually getting her one and surprising her with it I’m gonna body head over to the boy Pontiacs trip because he has an i. Phone neck so I accidentally used as a box and I’m gonna try to prank her with it by acting like I’m surprising her with the i. Phone X hopefully we got a good reaction if we do let’s get this we did a 20k likes y’all let’s get it hey guys so I made it all the way home I had the box from Pontiac it’s right here it’s empty though so I don’t know what I’m gonna put in it to make it more realistic so she actually feels like it’s an i. Phone in there hopefully I can find something inside I came inside I didn’t see her so she’s probably still downstairs getting ready because we’re actually supposed to be going ice skating later on today so she’s probably putting on her makeup right now I can’t wait to go ice skating but I want to prank her with this person because she really wants the i. Phone I don’t have you guys been here that plane there’s always planes at helicopters passing over here but yeah I’m gonna find something to put in this box and then i’ma call her upstairs hopefully she’s still here and then I’m gonna prank the hell out of her man all right guys so for some reason but Kayla’s phone is upstairs I’m guessing that she was about to cook or something but her phone is right here so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take her phone out of the case i’ma hide her case and then I’m gonna put her phone inside the box so it feels like the actual phone I don’t know if I want to put like gift wrapping paper around it or not but on yeah that’s what I’m about to do you also give me a sec so I could take this phone out the case and then put it in the box alright guys so as y’all can see her phone fits perfectly inside of the box so all I gotta do is hide her case right now I don’t know shot put it in the drawer put it and we put it here actually she definitely won’t check in dear and then we’re gonna put this on top is this yeah okay now this is gonna be on the top designed by Apple in California box should I put it in a wrapping paper I’m not sure oh I’m gonna find a bag or something to put it in and then I’m a prank her you all so let’s see so I didn’t wrap it I just left it on a countertop upstairs but let’s go get her right now she should be inside of it her makeup babe are you doing he’s still doing your makeup I got a surprise for you oh you should come see it obscure your makeups finished you look good come on let’s go babe what is this surprise come on do you have um a bandana oh you do blindfold yourself it’s not this here use it’s my Christmas if they’re pre Christmas present trust me you’re getting a little bit if something that you always wanted come on yeah it’s for the vlog I want to get your reaction pretty long okay you have your blonde hole this is all I have okay now wrap it around your head it mess up my makeup Nene are you serious hundred percent I’m not gonna peek of course you’re not gonna peek with a blindfold on hahaha you’re diverse blonde fold ever but I that’s perfect you can’t see right how many fingers am i holding up I don’t know you hitting yourself fire let’s go upstairs how am I supposed to lead you walk straight go straight trust me is gonna be worth going upstairs blindfolded in the end that’s the door okay now you know where the stairs is with the wolf straight great by the way I see my phone you don’t have it yeah that’s probably probably turn right turn right you can turn right it has no more seriously come on you’re good you’re good you’re good okay now just keep stepping up you’re fine just hold on to the bar and keep stepping up hello hello let me pass you because I want to get you coming up the stairs come on we’re gonna deliver your basket hold the bar no what turn around turn around Mikayla you know even though you’re doing this whole purpose come on come on come on Sears babe come on follow my voice follow my voice I’m over here let me put the camera down I’m over here come on ok so your ideas here I did Jess hold on stay right there all right what is something that you always wanted well you didn’t always win it but it’s something that’s been all year you know to get lists recently come on over here gosh you’re gonna be so excited when she sees this babe don’t touch I didn’t say you can touch yet come on you ready okay not yeah that’s what you feel like it is you’re messing up just when you feel it is you’re gonna love it it is yeah make it take a guess what is it I really don’t know need you say one guess I asked you for anything and I told you is it makeup it’s not makeup you got one more gift Unni I don’t know come on one more guess and you can take off your clothes if you don’t get it oh my gosh Lee um red bottoms very stole clothes it’s right it’s right yeah it’s right mm hmm and it’s not lit to save her makeup no it’s not you use it every day I can use that every day every day you can put it in your pocket to a flashdrive why would I give you a flash drive okay well I’ve taken it off michaela take on the block for a minute yes you can start cooking and you won’t burn yourself do you mess up my makeup I didn’t even tie it so if somebody was up here if it was you but anyway like it give a minute yeah you’re annoying yeah okay okay stop check what’s inside you don’t know how to wrap check what’s inside is it by Colette wait Oh what does it say i.

Phone X that’s what it says twenty or fifty sixty goodbye this how did you get oh my gosh this is expensive are you serious you like it yeah wait don’t open it yet were you expecting that oh really no because we have different phone plans are you serious well that’s unlocked though so you can use whatever network you want are you gonna you know switch to t mobile no I’m gonna keep spreading oh that’s why you always have no service but anyway you could open it thank you got me this I was looking for 256 gigabyte enormous how much is mine now I have no idea this does not look like eggs it does look like the eggs this does it Vanunu X supposed to have a different screen this is the X me that has fingerprints on it oh yeah I had to touch it so you know put it in quick so I had to make sure it was working did you put your face in it no it has a face game that’s so dope though you should put it on it’s off wait just you gotta tell it to turn on Siri no turn on turn on you gotta say it like five times no I’m serious me babe that’s what he told me at Apple Store turn on turn on turn on turn on how many times up like before turn on no did you drop it Nate did you see me drop it I’m pretty sure you turn it on like a regular i.Phone but it looks no less an i. Phone X mascara it’s not like any other i. Phone especially I don’t think this is not the same one babe me it is the same one look at it it looks exactly like it looks in the box except yours is white this one is limited edition they only had two left your special weight one on you said that you bought me something red and what’s that have to do with this phone boy has a upon this court read now when you take pictures you know your face in it is right it’s so dope you look like your chair you okay mate what this doesn’t okay I went to the Apple store a guy who listen this is on your accent okay thank you well no it’s not turning on because you did say turn on enough talks this kind of looks like my phone your phone has a case on it Michaela that doesn’t look like your phone that’s the I always okay thank you baby my kids are all your friends I got you out of Fonuts will can you help me turn it on oh no turn it on see it’s are none taste I just gotta put in all this any of this stuff no I’m waiting really turns on with your voice there is a passcode yeah I’d say you unlock unlock Syrian lock it doesn’t have Siri only do what is called X thanks a lot mom it’s not doing anything what do you mean when you see your finger you supposed to hold it down with this X unlocked why is it not working X a lot Oh No we might have to take it back to the Apple store but you like it oh it looks exactly like your own occasionally did you say your phone is downstairs no I you can use this pencil my name this is my this is my really case your phone me is that your phone then then where is that that’s the right dude no it’s not okay you wonder relax yes you don’t have to go to the Apple store because I didn’t be annoyed are you annoying because you have a genuine 2x if you messed up my makeup I’m gonna be so upset upset for what because first of all I was looking for my phone second of all really trying to tell you think and that this looks exactly like the eggs look at the difference you don’t even know what the X looks like look at the difference I won’t see you okay anyway guys I got her so good you fell for it right yeah I got her so good man she I got her so good man she swore for a second that I got her off of X when it was actually her i. Phone 6 oh I mean 7 but it looks like a 6 but you don’t know what I’m saying but anyway hopefully you guys enjoyed her reaction if you do smash that like button I’m gonna see you guys in the next video um we probably better go do some stuff tonight so that’s dope what kayla has to study you know because you know she has exams coming up but um you know I had to take her away from studying for a few minutes to prank the hell out of her hey Bobby we go see you guys in the next video I love y’all remember you gotta cry the shot love y’all peace with the text for a few days weren’t discount at the properties like it like I want a lottery know that hey really bothered me three years yeah I want to see you blow yeah I want to hear to flow. .

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