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Hope you guys enjoyed the video!! Sucks that this game had to break only 3 people in D: Regardless I hope you guys enjoyed and as always be sure to smash that like button! Keep up the awesome support friends 🙂
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Shocking People in Public Prank Pranks FaZe.

yo what’s going on guys phase run here and today I’m bringing guys a brand new video and this is actually going to be my first ever public prank and not gonna lie I’m pretty terrified right now because I’m gonna get my ass beat but it’s all good it’s worth it for the audience noms gains I’m probably not gonna get my ass beat but basically I have the shocking autopsy game that I actually played for my video yesterday and I had a cool idea to like go up to people and ask them to play this game and if they extract one of the parts they get five dollars and yeah I’m not going to tell them it shocks or anything but it’s all good hope you guys enjoyed this video I just came up with it like this morning I’m like why not just go to random people ask them to play this game and I’m going to give them the $5 if they lose just for the expert by the way this game is um not for people under 14 so we’re going to find people obviously older like my age I mean they’re twenty stuff like that so we’re good let’s go guys believe me I did it and I felt it throughout my whole body I know it’s actually this one’s actually a bad shot we have our first friend here at Target we’re gonna be playing a game for a quick five dollars and basically you gotta pick one of these cards and it’s going to have one of these parts and you got to take one apart top if you come out and get the five bucks simple ones that goes out ready can pick a card there we go oh you got the smallest one right here oh go in this bat we’re gonna turn this bad boy on okay all right yep already okay stop right right there be careful clapping you get the $5 regardless for the effort again yeah was it did it hurt yeah just fun no so dodo stop okay boss yo there you go thank you thanks for trying thanks man what’s up others never going to be the cookies even much now what’s up guys Joe how’s wondering if any of you guys wanna play like a click and like if you win the game you get five dollars your honor really you get five dollars if you wait I’m talking this way okay it’s all good and once I’m in hey I’m going to play like a quick game and if you win the game I’ll give you $5.00 it’s gonna be on my channel if you don’t mind being recorded really alright cool it’s set on the table you’re gonna pick one of these cards and it’s like one of the parts to this and thanks for playing man and if you win you got five bucks just like pick a card any card okay alright so you’re gonna have to go for this arrow right here okay let’s turn on stuff to the table me just arrow right here extended yeah like you can clip it by then you’re just trying to take it off without getting the silver part something ah buddy you got it oh my god did you get that what dude what hey good job man Wow dude good shit no one barely gets this that is beautiful Witter here you go man goodbye bucks do you want to go again yeah all right yeah why not dude come on here pick another car right near Thomas’s shock right there I know I did all right man any card which one is it oh this is a hard one all right you’re on you got the stuff it’s a hard one huh which is something yeah when you’re put into like a situation we go home yeah and the music and you just makes it more dramatic but hey good job in the first time thanks for playing happy sure okay so oh this is why I feel funny I wonder how price alright ready so pick one of these parts and have one of the party gonna have like one of the parts on this so I pick one a little bit take this card already so I have to try to take out this one right here oh you got it dude okay alright hello ready go you got it what to put in busy oh my god please wait yeah will you do a shot no I did it what did I win all right but wait give it another good do I have to pick another card just take anything on this wait how did you not get shocked gonna get electrocuted yeah it’s like a shocking game it’s like operation yeah this is funny hey sorry guys so three people in and you guys know how I have like the worst luck ever right it fucking broke the game broke this thing broke all red batteries are in guys listen hold on let me just explain real quick okay so we tried turning it on and it wasn’t like turning on so I’m like okay the battery’s dead we go to Target buy some triple a batteries put them in still doesn’t work so I thought like oh maybe they were just like the battery branch so I go in buy new triple a batteries put them in it doesn’t work the thing broke so and right when we found like eight people to get know we bounced we found so many people we found so much bait what do they see while we were fixing in were like oh my god okay hurry up put the batteries in so we could do it we go chase them down try to turn it on it doesn’t work something like to actually bad I find recording yeah this is actually really fun making and one of the kids actually got one of them out like without getting shot I was actually pretty cool look like guys with just my luck I it would break I don’t know I’m gonna do I wanted to continue doing this on to do at least like three or four more people but I mean I did still get like three people this was this was actually fun I’m gonna definitely find more things to do like public pranks for it but as of now I honestly don’t know what to do because it broke so I can’t record this video anymore and this is proof yeah hey you wanna go get a smoothie yeah okay we might as well just go get a smoothie we’re right here but wow guys we I had so many people I could do it on I don’t know there’s so much beat but it just broke broke on me it’s all good wait actually I don’t even want a smoothie yeah okay let’s go yeah yeah well looks like we’re heading home hi you are my daughter’s favorite I know no way oh wait I remember that wait that’s crazy yeah wait that’s also wait I think I saw you two at the fair oh really did she didn’t love to me huh let’s go so you want to say what’s up hey shout out to your daughter treat them a shout out give them a shout out yeah my daughter miss Angie Guzman someone said you get some joy and Samantha you guys are the best yeah yes yeah no problem your guys dump that oh thank you I appreciate it really the car is just looking going backwards I we just see go from wait look everything I know way I can make it work Oh doesn’t work now watch it fucking work watch it work watch guys it’s good if it works I’ll literally kill someone wait I jammed the button this is hold on you know what let’s be those baseball bat I was lying in my video but I was like oh fucking Brian’s get off a lot of praise can go big yeah I stopped my cousin from having a video I’m like listen we’re gonna go do this public prank is gonna be austere were so many people right when it broke like we were we actually were struggling finding people to do it to UM hours and then like while like it broke and then after that we started finding all these people to do it on and we just couldn’t and I read my cousin’s house lesson my cousin’s got a brand new dog brand new de Parfum a brand new day his name is Cuervo he’s a Siberian Husky and I left me I’m honestly he’s right there Cuervo hey buddy hey hey backyard because his name is Cuervo look at his eyes like I love Huskies so much in cuckoo what’s up what’s up buddy what’s up up up holy shit guys there’s a snake okay no go say hey stop ooh looking good don’t record me okay fine come on I got it hey step Helia Barbeau is not to popping today right Graham Oh Massa Cuervo speak fuck speak fuck Boop fuck good boy guys one day Bosley’s gonna meet Cuervo and it’s gonna be the vlog of the century gonna be fine I’m thinking about it oh my god Bosley meets Cuervo you guys want to see that shot in about a week yeah he just needs me on my video really Cuervo just needs to get like his last couple shot and then Bosley could like watch beep oh he fucking broke beat three people and we got three people and then it broke out dim the lighting in here is a one what the fuck look at this shit okay you lazy ass don’t be Bosley don’t be don’t have like bugs no you know I say every time doing something like mportant he always gets up running around I’m forced to take him outside look is he biting it yeah hey bud what’s up what do you want you want to go go in the garage go ahead go ahead I dare this motherfucker he wish and get actually actually wait he looks like a snake all right release he’s like an alligator all right guys first public prank not too too successful only because of the fact that it broke but it’s all good I mean it was still fun to do was fun finding people we still like went up to a ton of people they said no cuz like they just didn’t want to do it but I thought a great time recording this and I really don’t you guys enjoying um I want your guys’s opinion leave a like on this video if you guys want to see a Bosley meat squirrel video once Cuervo gets all the shots then Bosley and him can meet and that actually be so funny because Bosley never really like interacts with dogs well and I want him to be close with this dog because it’s my cousin’s dog they’ll probably like play all the time hey guys I’m going to wrap up the video there hope you guys enjoyed it was kind of like a half public prank cuz I was gonna do like three or four more people but um the thing broke down so it’s all good I still got a couple was still fun to make so I hope you guys enjoy drop like if you guys did if you guys want to see more public pranks definitely will like and definitely leave it in the comment section and give me ideas of what to do because it was really fun I actually didn’t even get scared like doing it at all and I thought I would I thought I would be scared doing it but it was actually a fun time I just can’t do anything too crazy to get my ass beat so yeah hope you guys enjoyed and other than that it’s been rug and I’m out Bates. .

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