She Really Fell For The Lottery Prank!! Video

lottery prank

I saw an opportunity to prank my roommate because she loves scratch off lottery tickets and I took it lol! to Infamously Knownx: so you don’t miss my next vlog/ video upload!

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good morning so today guys I’m doing something really really different right what a prank my roommates um I don’t want her to hear me so she is obsessed with spatula right so what I did in Oregon and I ordered a hunk of scratch house that you know Jesus will always want every ticket isn’t worth it right and to not and do not make things you know suspect that make things seem bogus I’ve also got some actual ones on the store that pack comes with five right I don’t know if I should give her one good a ticket and that’s whether that work each going to play three because I’m guessing backs but she had bought me a scratch off ticket and a lottery to difficult my birthday for my 23rd birthday a few weeks ago and the scratch off ticket won me $200 it sounds like oh my god like thousand first spatula for a ticket and I split with her thank you for a hundred I could country first two minutes so she’s been saying like oh my gosh for money out of money yeah so I was like all right listen really the scratch offs we have to win something a bit like prepping her for this we’re actually going back home for Thanksgiving today today’s Wednesday so tomorrow we’re going back home today in the car visitors oh and she’s not gonna think it’s weird that I’m recording any place because I’ve been saying to her oh my gosh like what if I had recorded my reaction on my birthday to me winning a lottery ticket on my birthday that would a bit epic like that would have been great memories so it’s wonder that whatever we play scratch offs from now on we will be recording our reactions our initial reactions so that’s what we’re doing I’m gonna get ready cytoscape mash the first out of the stream we’re really hit me 75 right a man of honor this bill to be trash we’re in giblets great better that way if I get three tapes it is all right so she $1 and I got another take live okay I never played this one either this one is I don’t know wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait how do you we’re going to Disney World so the game is why sex I’m not joking we would $10,000 I’ll go ahead okay look at the game match three like I’m okay match three like amounts guess that amount 10,000 10,000 you got five thousand and I get five thousand we’re gonna Disney World this thousand dollars oh my god no no no where’s my snapchat hello guys so Kalia wanted to like get me back in to get me a scratch off like herself right so she gave me three and she gave herself three tell me how we won $10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 win three like amounts get that amount I kid you not we won $10,000 so I’m giving her 5,000 like it’s like what what okay let’s go inside cuz I’m really too like right now I don’t believe it I don’t you shut it cuz it’s afraid it is No it’s barrios then i’m not putting this on my snapchat chops ah you know yo where’s that where’s that she’s real sick I’ll never forgive you yeah I know playing scratch offs ever okay I renounce my oh I think I prayed to mash pretty well I told her that I’ll be praying for her this semester’s I told her that’s why we’re living together I’m going to prank you sometime that’s what that was really long time and he’s a baker happy she had she last heard it was a great day for like three seconds three seconds dead I’m really crying all right later guys she’s out there pumping her guys and she keeps giving me the evil eye okay nice let me just pop my guys in peace.


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