Reacting To D&B Lottery Prank On Dad!!!! Video

lottery prank


hello again guys this is your boy Damian Cryer I hope each and every one of you guys is having a very very blessed day me I’m doing all right today guys just getting off work about an hour and a half ago so today I decided to do another one of those Damian ghetto reactions again guys I’m still working on software for my reactions as you know you have to have multiple things to do reactions again I work a lot of hour so sometime I don’t have a lot of time to mess with this stuff and try to figure it out but I’m gonna do a reaction today on Dn.B nation pranking me yeah they’re dead on a fake lottery ticket Frank so without any further ado guys let’s get right to this video you know how to do it guys I got to turn my camera around so we had to talk to you guys and so we’re gonna get right to it rights get this bad boy set up right here like that okay take up a little adjust nuts and so that we can get right into it yeah that looks pretty good okay so knives though there was a they do yeah yeah see how ba got worse man I had a lot of wake up look lottery tickets so we went out and got you saw it was yeah well I have some really yeah got you so lot I guess I have lost a lot of weight since since things have happened but yeah oh this thing is acting little funny guys so please bear with me well while that’s doing what he’s got to do I have to tell you for you for those of you who don’t know I lost a lot of weight oh wait a minute back then I had a lot of weight on me I’ve lost Polly 32 pounds since this video was made when they pranked me with the lottery so looking at the videos going back to the old videos on my bow I really lost a lot of weight but anyway guys you know I do a lot of miss so let’s get back to it without any further ado I think this time I’m gonna just keep my camera here into the video until we’re actually done and then I’ll give my reaction so let’s get into like some suppression of why please forget obviously yeah yeah guilty require oh did you see a lot of artworks way away pop the firecracker right next to my head man really Damian we’re gonna kind of zoom right through this a little bit because I want to kind of see some I want for you does the fake match right this more you can start turning the blog because are appearing in the blogs not people my accent started channel news for you to tweet those already got one yes fishing channel follow I’m sorry you want to start off first father and son well Boris Damian Dane Damian be am I in dame da MD yeah how many subscribers you got how they gonna pound me out like that cuz only athlete subscribers back there see I wouldn’t even that series about it man I was just doing fishing vlogs and little stuff with me at Darien so now it’s like you know it’s not grown pretty big I’m not banging them out like that but it’s then gone it’s not going well Dover see subscriber since then yeah I keep in mind this video was actually made just a couple of months ago so I gotta tell you a lot has changed in those couple months man so in a way let’s get back to it okay we’re gonna picture channel in description this video because people own people when I’m watching with stuff like that well just or just wait how many actually I use my cell phone in this tripod that’s the same cell phone guy Samsung Galaxy J pretty good this one is those are doing it so I got two 1s and I loser yeah so I got a couple more these see like those great straight to the chase match three like amounts when that I’m not I thought to be pretty easy all right here we go you went over here no but so you know you would think it’s $3. 00 but this match three like I’m up anyone over there that’s what it made it seem so real because he fell a couple of real lottery tickets in the mix that were actually real Indiana lottery tickets and they were like a dollar two or three dollar winners and that’s what made it look real pretty in a way let’s just pack to it guys oh yeah every time I think about this Brent except I had three of the twenty fives on your you know when 25 I got three Eddowes on there I win ten times I wait thirty yeah see you like a five match do you like your mouth yeah yeah like this one right here 25 yeah ratch the rest and I see two more $25 symbols yeah that amount if I scratch the $10,000 was just scratching one if I scratched that two more times $10,000 no no yeah I should a new better man yeah so people do win that stuff holy shit oh excuse the language guys look at Bianca the whole time she was Loki cracking up man I didn’t even know she was roasting me like that watch Bianca’s face the whole time she was roasting me look at her Loki uh oh uh oh Here Come Damien what happened look at Bianca roasting me or they play me we got smashed at that look at that look at that and see you focus on Otis Otis not focus in there no Darion or we are ten thousand two thousand ten thousand do you see it oh this is crazy I need a costume you know yeah I was gonna call Selina imagine that if that hadn’t been real I would have been called in to my wife to share that good news with her no comment anyway back to the video oh my god my computer is acting up a little bit guys anyway I’ll run my mouth why this is like I guess the wife I said no has to rejuvenate her what everyone thought oh here we go it’s bad guys never held ten thousand of my hand before really naming I see what ten thousand so like I never heard it at my handiwork here you can see you never helped chin down miss Hamby Oh Lord here he goes yeah come on man this makes it really really gentle okay guys I guess I can’t expect you turn green I’m right here timely hey hey oh just signal cache the casino okay okay man I’m glad I grew my hair a little bit take that sent out to the casinos that’s truth might come out shaking just don’t need to shake these firecrackers popping for real Wow if I only realized what those guys was doing to me man I did not know that they was pranking me on this I go back you guys are gonna make videos like right then in the beginning when you first start and you look at yourself you like wow I need to change my image a little bit you know like I’m glad I grew my hair out a little bit and that the natural curls come back I mean I’m older of course I’m like most other men a high degree a little bit I’m not gonna lie I keep it real I’m not ashamed of it either but these guys got me really good I’m kind of gonna fast forward through this part a little bit but they’d really put it down on me so we’re gonna get back to the video guys real quick finish this reaction ghetto reaction $5 has a 5,000 that’s $2 like the color of my camera changed on them look at Bianca oh look at that Matthew roasted me I wish I would have seen yes in the beginning oh there it is again doing that funny stuff I’m there my phone is I can crazy too now I know as soon as I pause this and turn oh I know exactly what’s gonna happen it’s gonna do the same thing all over again. .

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