Quits Job! Lottery Prank Goes Horribly Wrong! Fake Winning Lottery Ticket Prank Gone Terribly Wrong! Video

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Lottery Prank Goes Horribly Wrong! GIRLFRIEND FAKE WINNING LOTTERY TICKET PRANK GONE TERRIBLY WRONG! gl012yk for the related views!

Dad tells his sons that he have won 15m Danish Kroner (2.7 million dollars)

Father sits down his sons and reveals million lottery win

by lejon jaro and Christian Carstensen :

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Cheating Prank Gone Wrong Cheating Prank Gone Wrong Prank Gone Horribly this turned into more like a lottery prank gone horribly wrong. Jacqueline and I love playing the california lottery. We play lottery games everyday including lottery scratchers, tickets, etc. We also love pranks. So in hindsight I should’ve seen a lottery prank coming. Jacqueline really outdid herself with this one. For this boyfriend / girlfriend prank gone wrong my girlfriend literally faked a winning lottery ticket, showed it to me, and after finally believing her, I went and quit my job not knowing it was just a prank gone wrong. Frankly I should not have done that until the winning lottery ticket was claimed but still it was a very mean very funny but still horrible prank. Question by the way, do you guys like these bf/gf pranks?

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hello every woman in Jacqueline’s nerve with some cousins pranking for this prank it’s all about the money so what I’m going to do is that I went to the gas station I got a large ticket and I’m going to say that I won but actually I did it and let’s see cause of reaction Achilles covers on your room I can’t wait oh my god why are you filming me cuz how I record a grace my life I won the lottery so you’re basically telling me you lost two dollars I then lots of dollars grant I wanted Valerie okay show you then why didn’t believe me grant out I wonder Laurie alright I’m getting up there are many reasons why I don’t believe you one you’re less likely to win the lottery than you are to become president more likely to be struck by lightning twice in the same spot more likely to Wow Cymbeline cry wandelaar me i got good are they you’re the lottery I wasn’t kidding I want to re sign the back of the ticket where’s pence on the back of the ticket right now that’s okay we’ll get another pen lottery hey Larry watch me win 16 million so nervous there is okay remember we need to say 25% of it just blame a person who is going to tax Jacqueline yeah name address phone number signature I guess you do down here to sign down side I’m gonna put this on I hope you realize that all right so go put on your face there you go and yeah we’re going to clean the side Christie first first thing is first hey Suzanne is Kelsey there doctor well hey Kelsey um hey so certain certain things situations have a rosin and I am no longer than you deployment yeah so I’m quitting bull can you just not give me any hours for the next two weeks and then yeah yeah yeah yeah all right well thank you and thanks for everything really it’s been fun all right bye oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god wake up the wake up picture take a picture exactly yeah hey ready balls pants pants you’re not going towards names you peers of us oh and I call my job you quit your job yeah I’m rich I’m gonna be working you quit your job yeah what are you not thinking anything you’ve been dating for like you’re gonna have that no no no you could your job yeah I quit my job oh my god what I’m sorry what do you cut your job there was a prank maybe job with another job anymore why would you do that you just mess with me right no no it’s really in the frame how did you fake the ticket how did you fake a ticket sorry Oh try going you leave me alone for.


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