Prank Lottery Ticket Trick Scratch Off Lotto Joke Funny Reaction Video

lottery prank

Prank lottery ticket trick scratch off lotto joke funny reaction.

here’s a lotto ticket prank we’re going to give these to customers and see how it goes I bought me a lie to get on plan you want a spatula split it still play the same things to do I never get over where anything can tell attend elinala maybe he’s got better luck than I yeah I got this he’s there I only wonder the once everyone was a dollar I see the ten thousand dollar winner of it wasn’t mine old early and we back in 84 85 back when we had that Joker’s wild games here I love that he had two aces and a joke or Eagles what’s it I look then I goes ten thousand dollars dan I don’t have my glasses on what do you gotta do to win this says a scratch off all of the squares find three fives in a row right down and win the prize right there we got diagonally how much is that I think the price is right there boy there’s a 55 55 what is it mother fucking look at that what is it look at fires dying holy 5555 $5,000 no way that’s half and a half kiss my mother fucking in what are you gonna buy that’s 2,500 a piece yeah we’re net she don’t fuck lose it this is a fucking dead what are you talking about her ain’t no miss a lottery ticket you look you think I’m plated yes you are 66 hate lines in this they’re boring to me do you know anything anyways I see one guy one big ones oh yeah binalong what are they trying to do anybody to start gambling big casino once in my life just don’t gamble yeah maybe you’ll have better luck than I had laughter it’s any one of your days to look if you on a dollar you won’t pull tabs lucky number five when I say directions match any one of your dice to the lucky number and win that prize five that’s your number you get a 5 x 1 plus x 5000 he says we were splitting in 2500 of beasts yeah that’s it your way fear i’ll share with you i don’t care but don’t forget to split it with me see back information for details read it out loud I guess friends defend and read louder I think I got bad hearing fucker what rise up to 5,000 that must be presented and lose two losers or a steel box it have been a big joe it oh ok that’s great oh man I appreciate you buying it look what 523 for it for you I just saw this one i’m here to make one that’s my boss he’s right there yeah I never played a scratch off in my life I never played a scratch off I see people wait all the time but I just I never ever say it I don’t have that interest to play it I see people spend a lot of money just to try to win but when they do when they wouldn’t be there’s not my big ass spider with him okay can you help them off my money man how much do we went how much is it 10,000 sailor this says a direction scratch off all of the duxelles scratch off all of the squares find three duckies and you win that prize 1 2 3 10000 see back for information on how to claim the price read the back we went that’s 10 G’s all right damn ting ting ya know really know what what’s the saying I can’t read it just read it read it oh wow damn blue 10 G’s see you prizes oh that’s 5,000 a piece just take it off for you hey I have enough money you can have it what are you gonna do what you gonna buy a great did you read it what does it say talk about pies are 5000 and must be presented two ladders lotteries batteries you ask first box you have been not very big jack possible all prices must be with a big I’m magic bottle here you got ten thousand dollars I know what’s unreal is that real.


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