Prank: Girl Wins A $10,000 Lottery On Her Birthday! Hilarious Reaction! Video

lottery prank

Watch till the end! Respect to her for being such a good sport

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it says match three like amounts and win that amount okay so if you have three of them you win what’s that ten thousand when you get these big numbers cards losers oh my god that was it son shut the fuck up good did you scratch it off all the way shut up all the ways to like a hundred thousand or something what does it say what is this okay okay Shh high dollar win I can’t even see the camera shut it off okay okay okay well match match three like amounts win that amount how do you redeem it read the back read the back can we catch it can we catch it yeah I have a minimum how do we catch it read the back quick just wreath of that treat the back how do we catch it cheri up read the back how do we catch it official game rules winning parts of 1 5 25 and 50 baby claim where every lawyers who gets her soul okay winning take us on hundred or more must be sent by mail or in person to the money fairy one honey only in your dreams I’m so down hey.


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