Nobody Panic!!! I Lost My Spider! (Prank) Video

lottery prank

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what is goodie kitchen for I know what’s up guys it’s your boy Noah vote you guys are watching lovely serve and today we’re at the University of Maryland UMD today we’re doing the I lost my spider brain and if you guys are new here make sure you guys hit that subscribe button and follow us on Instagram let’s go let’s get it excuse me I’m sorry to interrupt um I would just be careful around here just because I was out here earlier and I had a red hair tarantula that got out of the thing here so just like it moves really quick so just be careful if it I’m so sorry we are making a prank video right now you’re going right there hello excuse me I’m so sorry to interrupt I would just maybe not sit here because I had a red hair tarantula in here and it got out of the cage so just check your back oh we are I’m sorry I’m joking see excuse me I would uh I would just be careful like I just walk slow around here just because I lost my red hair tarantula like right around this area so just be careful oh I am so I am so sorry we are joking right now we’re I’m sorry man thanks I’m gonna go sky I just lost it it’s funnel I I think it’s somewhere it’s a red herring slit I lost it right around here oh yeah I just be careful because it does move pretty fast I just feel like I am so sorry we are shooting a video right now don’t find this excuse me excuse me yeah I’m so sorry to interrupt I would just maybe be careful around here because I um I lost my red hair tarantula and it’s like somewhere yeah maybe I wouldn’t sit here or something but I just feel like I don’t want you to have to like I don’t want to roll up on you real quick maybe he just like I am sorry we are joking that was a joke excuse me I study entomology and something happened with the cage earlier it don’t worry it won’t hurt you at all um my red hair tarantula got out of the cage here don’t don’t like step on it or anything it just doesn’t move fast but if you see it just don’t step on it just know just I don’t want even to freak out whose is it over there is it they said very ahead of her gonna go step shit is right there so was there anything oh shoot oh we’re good we don’t think so I think all right guys hope you enjoyed that video be sure to leave a like and share with your friends share with your mom if you like the video we’re gonna be doing another giveaway guys right now we are giving away 10 $100 these are they do Visa gift cards this is Master.Card you can get anything you want just $100 so 10 winners Temenos all you have to do to enter is follow nobo and i on instagram and DM us the Rhino emoji and boat emoji that’s it and if you are you following us perfect if you’re not freaking get to it giving these away we will be shouting it out in a few more videos but as of now we’re gonna be doing a lot more giveaways so stay tuned for that oh yeah that’s a wrap until next time brenell boat. .

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