My Parents Just Won $5,000 (Lottery Prank) Video

lottery prank

(Lottery Prank)

hey 10 money crossword look at this isn’t right before you do anything well what kind of ticket is that this 5,000 don’t believe take a couple they owe us always mastery alike three like a mount win that amount that’s real life like I’ve been no Rose let me take it back up now you’re gonna take it back to see if you want yeah I want to go and put it in the machine under the machine I’m going right now and put it on the machine videos don’t stress the others all 15 was what I come far I’m so sorry I apologize Oh spongy I’m smile you got I tried to put mommy in on a machine when she won listening you’re supposed to come get your wallet yo oh look do you need you’re like what did this come from I don’t remember getting a ticket light thing apologize I’m sorry that’s why he said come and get your wallet you okay Oh make that knife it could is I thought he woulda knew where the world cuz he would have read it and he too got you as you got your glasses in kc I thought she would go coming here take some it cut it.


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