Mousetrap Prank On Ar’mon And Perfectlaughs!!!! Video

lottery prank

To Channel: us Trey’s Ar’mon’s.

what up y’all I’m talking a little low right now that’s cuz I got some up my sleeve you feel and you know I know what it is that’s what you start with a P is what okay now let it sink in yeah what is it I can’t hear you point a prank on my senior solo jasm am i asleep right now hmm mostly actually good too jazakallah you can good I’m all right down the couch sleeping good listen to wake up same taste in the dark there’s no money that beer that’s what I’m doing guess if I got up my sleeve look ya’ll so I’m gonna do this I’m saying let’s see what we have here see what we have here what what up our nose mousetraps what the hell you better do with them yeah y’all ain’t playin this is just gonna start getting extreme around here you feel me very very extreme my name is Froy you know my are the next room you know I’m so that let’s get started give me man I’m gonna set these up put a set of bodies over there you know about have all that done you know so far forty two hundred scholars goodness let’s get it here i ET good thank these niggas is my god oh yeah let me move my boss yeah like I said Ricky right Ricky good Frankie’s a nice leap in a deep own sleep ah tell me it’s kind of blurry let me see if this yeah bro who did that to you all I was that bang some bro who set them traps right there bro bro who set those traps right bro let me see Oh bro let me see whoa the triple double safe room bro who did that no bro I’m finna call God let me get my phone I’m finna call God let me get my phone I gotta call him cuz I don’t know who the hell just did that let me call God he know we all know cuz we wasn’t there let me car got head on bro I’m trying to figure out who did it I’ll call the guy right now alright um come bro we would meet up hey I’m calling guy right now hello yes father father got him look at this bro I’m back the guy who d whoa I’m calling God right now bro he T bro i’m whoa that’s my god bro watch this I’m sure mine just woke up on his sleep enough and bang some pots in pee boy dancing he just threw my he just threw a shoe at my head God God he just threw a horseshoe of my alright God let me start praying to you listen bro God said the devil didn’t God just told me that the devil did he disease yet but that would be at that he said the devil TSS he said how you gonna think you did that he said let me catch you all right everything goes fun everything’s funny games right now robot bro God just immediately listen I’m throw a secret phone listen they put him on speakerphone look I gave me his number in my dream last night he told me to call him whenever I need something whoa I’m calling him listen bro come put him on speakerphone I’m putting my CD from bro listen his phone cut off look listen his phone cut off you gotta cut off after call he said I go he teaches listen bro he said look you here darlin he just answer bro listen listen talk bro listen to him this is all this soon the devil did tell the devil that face telling the devil do to pull the devil Peter got one who Tara to last out though I’m still teaching turns to all right nigga get over the devil day today wasn’t me alright alright alright bro you can shut up now jazz Nick oh mama I’m a long way to hurt room now listen are you with me or are you not clean kind of angry dear nigga guess what I’m gonna do guess what I’m gonna do trap you trap you trap you with a mouse trap trap hey bro I’m finna go get jazz you coming with me think about it bro she gonna be heard it’s gonna be funny you just be somebody else hurry other than yourself oh come on bro bro come on let’s go get jazz bro I don’t wanna get jazz broke all right goodbye I’m gonna get her my damn self Dean yeah look they are together right here but I’ll just snap my damn self damn bra just snap my finger broke all right I’m gonna get jazz now now see it’s more fun when you not getting eric boe it’s more fun when you hurting somebody else and you’re not watching your Sophie hurt all right one minute sir Oh look what we’re seeing yeah I get extreme look I take faces look at they faces look at they face to face yes look at a face look at that face look at him for hey look at them fair Hey yeah look at that yeah that would actually be kind of funny y’all set me on fire I’m telling ya I want to do is call God I’m dead ass serious nigga I want to play with me a sub bro give me clamped up bro hey bro you like water really I don’t care a boy you look like a banana well I’m still God did you talk about hey y’all if you enjoyed this tank in order to do you know I’m saying thumbs up and subscribe to my subscribers hey man to go over there hey cuz my new song you hated to look at you alright so subscribe to perfect laugh Channel right there you know if they even though she’s a little wanker it just settle subscribe to what I make a little bit more happy haha she’s hurting right now you know what I’m saying and then don’t forget to subscribe to your boys you know what I’m saying coming like a subscriber following to grips with it oh you know I’m saying right.


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