Mom’s Big Fake Lottery Prank Ticket Win!! Video

lottery prank

Bf gave me a fake lotto ticket to give to my mom since she’s always buying tickets. So she decided to go pay a visit to the money fairy. 😀

oh really I have this lottery ticket I don’t know husky even have a limit to go scratch off the game match three like a mountain with that amount almost but I only go to the habits dad wait hey I’ve 110 to those get a coin no okay scratch off game win 10 grand match three like amounts and win that about you need a little chit of 10,000 good for another ten dollars No either one would be nine ten thousand hey we had three like amounts and win that amount that’s like ten thousand it does where do we send it dude oh my god what is real real buzz hey you’re joking winning prizes of 15 and 25 or 50 may be kind wherever lottery tickets or so when they tickets up a hundred dollars or more must be sent for a person to the money fairy 123 nowhere drab.


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