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lottery prank


helping me quiet I mean Thomas I’m gonna do the minute to win it and I’m gonna actually prank him I may explain the rules but when it gets to that to the lottery ticket it’s gonna be a fake lottery ticket so he’s gonna think he won $10,000 or something crazy so all right we’re back and we’re gonna do them kind of minute to win it our version and so the first one is gonna be the Oreo cookie where you have to move the oil from your forehead to your mouth the second one is gonna be where you have to transfer M&Ms from one plate to the other plate with the straw and then the third is gonna be stacking cups and the fourth is gonna be a what you call this scratchers lottery scratchers and you’re gonna have to scratch it and you have to say them right amount you won if you say the wrong amount or if you don’t want anything that’s fine but if you say the wrong amount you automatically leave so here we go all right ready Shayne’s our guy and tell I wouldn’t go 30 seconds all right because it seemed hard to do the minute to win it challenges you don’t have all this stuff watch out Jessica mommy’s in challenge right now I think we’re missing the cup who prepared this game alright she’s almost done sorry dear is it a winner ten but I’m not gonna make shit accelerator I’ll say these I want a free ticket we got a great take at least I wasn’t something yeah but dollar scratchy alright alright time to drop the oreo so that’s two minutes and thirty seconds I didn’t get the Oreo so yep next up we got Thomas well you got anything to say you gonna lose oh my god you got this he’s so confident there’s some waters oh yeah yeah the loser has to go the storing your waters all right Shane let him know when you’re ready if he gets it no hands there’s one okay now you gotta do the M&Ms harder than it looks my mum’s are still out of breath I’m surprised he hasn’t come up for air go go go where is it yet oh man in 1000 us the 30 oh I’m about to win you better hurry yet stack them cut some cups make sure they’re right because some of them look like they have to maybe that’s what was wrong with mine though right here I’m being nice I’m being you gotta keep going keep going maybe Shane will play right see I told you there is actually no Scotch it’s got you you got to get the right Matt I’m Alec cracked and tell you one zero yeah you didn’t do all of them there is no more that’s it that’s it you didn’t do this they don’t like me I can’t scratch that’s three amounts well didn’t even look at them out you look at the amount is but one how many R’s I see the details on it no it’s a big there’s no way that’s fifteen thousand it’s no way it looked like 5,000 5,000 5,000 so oh is this time I lost by 5 seconds so he lost yeah you’re kind of lost too because I was trying to check you in a dinner work $800 and I’m like no so that was a fail I did not prank him my first prank and it was a fail a little upset but at least I won the bet and now he has to go to the store and get the waters and all the other stuff so it was a fail a little upset but at least I won the bet now he has to go to the store and get the waters and all the other stuff so I mean I’m happy I’m happy that a wine cuz he was talking a lot of garbage but sad that I prank didn’t work out it’s kind of whack still next time it’s gonna have to be something good let me know if you have any ideas I’m gonna get him my next prank will be successful hopefully I don’t get paid.


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