Man Wins Lottery, Leaves Wife Video

lottery prank

A woman for her husband, who she says left her with mounting bills after winning the lottery.

in April 2005 it was till death do them part four years later Donna Campbell is packing after a lottery jackpot made them part all I received was deceit and lies and devastation I feel ruined their Miramar home foreclosed she’s being evicted she says it’s the home she built with her husband Arnim Ram Dass well now he’s long gone she can’t find him missing after winning a nineteen million dollar jackpot with 16 other American airline mechanics at Miami International Airport I would see a lottery win as something that would bring happiness this is what the posh living room once looked like now as you can see Donna has resorted to patio furniture where she puts all of her legal documents and this she says is her life now why did it get this why did it have to get to this can somebody be pitiful can greed through this everything in the summer of Oh 7 Ram Dass won the jackpot then she says he disconnected the home phone then the TV cutting off all communications of his winnings she then thought something was a bit odd she googled his name indeed learning he had won the jackpot however the earnings were paid to his daughter from a previous marriage it was a devious act on his part it’s been 2 years I’ve been trying to resolve this matter here you see her in court last year the case was dismissed in civil court a judge saying it’s a family matter so now she’s moved on to divorce court but she can’t find him a sheriff’s deputy saying Ram Dass was avoiding service see where the sheriff says negative negative result so now she’s got nothing but she said she’s finding some happiness in this dog I just want what the judge decides that is do me.


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