Lottery Ticket Prank On Wife! (Funny Af) Video

lottery prank

I did the lottery ticket prank on my wife and it was so funny!

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I thought every day we lived every day we live yeah you can’t tell me sit down number I was broke job now I’m getting rid of a down cold in the best in nose lit when you quit take a lick bitch then you know you live every day we left just every day we let’s just hope you’d emulate yeah alright what’s happening guys you know I’m back again with a prank about the jitter I just want some Spencer person when I told her I was going to get an Xbox game and mr.Spencer and got some fake lottery ticket so I’m at the giver ass one and you tell ya I don’t feel like scratch now so lucky stuff here we go I’m not the giver is it went down said to go get a pop sorry liquor or whatever drink whatever she drink so I don’t know I’m trying to find new angles so she won’t see the camera here we go you scum can stretch this further I just awesome your dad days and I had a life I’ll never let me talk about now I’m gonna go on my game I mean opinions about inviting dear to know how this picture ordered over and over but there no I’m not okay we did run how about to change me he is a pillar or the bad looking on a white with you know I plated my stream like a melt a little man hundreds of women drives a thousand to me brother bonus water $2,000 how do you got much they all got to the bar do ya love what if it matched we let them out what look 10 10 10 sit down the power oh you split no nice bready shit niggas watch it now you ain’t give me some game food no oh my god we got $10,000 let me take this thing I don’t know you sure if I’m just win it just rip it what do you think assume I wear something I got $10,000 a lot of terrorism yeah go buy a lot of stuff oh my god yeah $2,000 when we take the set to the Minnesota lottery play oh we probably don’t anymore that’s a big amount no I always loved one other fucker you should have more pilot all in the bunch I should this is $10,000 we will pay Friday on vacation all this shit with this where you turn it in and ocassion cleanest present it is real this is faith in make believe land what the fuck baby believe me only in your dreams bitch what’s up there you don’t like to do with that I still got a pickle come I don’t care about so goddamn better that and make the Leland why should be plenty delicacy part of whether I did the same thing to me for you 10 today I feel I don’t know I don’t know why I don’t know where I put the damn camera where did I put it this time I don’t know where for this where’s nothing I don’t know I don’t remember you’ll remember camera where is the cameras and I notice the fucking right I do look up there Hey look at this place why would you put a lot of motherfuckin Oh your daddy is an asshole you know that he just lied oh you got $2,000 tank down Devon yeah did you get a weekend I’m not right you do this how would you even put the cam up here anyway jo that’s not funny dawg he was pranking you I like this one Wow no we can do it $2,000 we got it I know we get her I wasn’t splitting that shit with you if I really want you was getting the house gonna go through our water thank you tomorrow sighs you all I’m not yes get outta here let’s eat fucking talk do you play with money that’s you play with money nigga God that wasn’t funny y’all was it funny tomorrow yep so not funny at all all right we out of here got her again fuck you dude. .

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