Lottery Ticket Prank On The Z House! Video

lottery prank

We won on the lottery! JK… What other pranks should I do?
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what’s up guys my name is Matt I’m sport sock and I just came back from 7 eleven where I got these new lottery tickets if you guys missed it last time we won a hundred dollars on the lottery challenge what I’m going to do now though is instead of just using those new lottery tickets to take the money I’m gonna go and as I did I bought a bunch of new ones but I also bought a fake lottery ticket so what I’m gonna do is it going to mix that fake one into these real ones and have the guys reopen our winning ones and see if we want any more money so I also have Jack in on this prank so that way they don’t think that it’s totally fake because it’s just me going crazy but I’m gonna have him scratch it off so they don’t see that it’s a little bit different in the rest of lottery card because it is a little bit more thick than these ones are but I hope we don’t react to it and they’ll fall for it and we’ll get them and we’ll have them thinking that we won $5,000 to the Z house let’s do it don’t you scribble the shit out of that vein just there’s no lines 99 fuckin 90 so neither number every time just don’t know what it is no how does it’s like finally I’m getting three and right Oh fine 199 okay forget it we lost at 123 they want need to get a 23 walk first 14 wait is you trying to get 11 let me trying to get here oh hey what’s this gonna be worth I see them values $500 hundred oh yeah all right dog Oh doing I saw Shawn 20 what the same ones I bought 20 of our lucky numbers eat right I see if you uncover star dude you automatically win on this one oh yeah cover it’s one way this guy just two seconds ago said I don’t care I’m not a plant where the scratchers money in disruptions the cover 20 in the unlucky 20 spot in win $20 instantly 20 20 20 oh boy wait any numbers across yeah these games are so not fun like awesome two crosses the best one he named will dismiss little shitter this one hot dollar our max three amount so that’s it 2 grand and bless it over something about 25 oh there is 10 grand you actually spent some more Tang Grande oh you can scratch the back 50 no no no no no well how much is it how much is it well how do you get fucking man wait wait go match three like amounts does it not have to be in a row yeah it does a dad what the fuck do we just win so 10 grands no mom are you shitting me you cannot wait wait wait wait I wish is legit wait wait wait so Flo where the fuck yourself load up why does it say valid only in your dreams no god damn it Lex you mother it’s got the occasional shit there’s no way one time damn dude it’s a prank lottery ticket dude I knew that we had high lockdown you do know I’m you fuck your eggs no way buddy after it says in your dreams Palace shitty young POW is so right he was ended he was in on he was ready to roll that’s why you always forget about us we almost had a booty kick in life dude I was thinking how great of a prank it would be to do that in your last video and then we you know we’re doing it today I was like they kept like babies thank you guys so much for watching make sure you guys leave a like if you enjoyed this prank and let me know in the comments below what other pranks I should try to pull on these guys let’s see me get to 5,000 likes I know that’s a lot but you guys have pulled it off before I think he can do it again if you guys are new here or if you haven’t already make sure you click that subscribe button down below to get more videos just like this every time I post one and make sure you guys buy your t shirts there’s only four days left to get his y’all t shirt then they’re gone forever we’ll see you guys all next time yeah.


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