Lottery Ticket Prank On My Dad! Video

lottery prank


hello everyone welcome to my Oh so today I’m going to bring my dad with a lot i took a prank i did this to my mom but I promised said if I got 1,000 subscribers and I would do this brink and I’m also gonna do another prank because this one’s just it’s not really like an original prank although I’m gonna do isn’t really original either and I’m gonna keep that a secret because it’s one person finds out them to all be ruined it’s obviously the lottery ticket prank and I’m gonna say that um there was a lot of check out on the counter I scratched it off and miss and I 15 thousand dollars so let’s go see my dad’s reaction ah read that it’s why are you taking yeah it was on the Kour in their scotch at all browse for files go oh that’s my pond read 30 this is fine no estoy is for would i get a pic lottery ticket from where’d you do do it was on the counter free for real far brain what are we gonna do with five grand we’re going to do any work yeah yeah it’s a pretty good I gotcha breathing back oh yeah okay guys so much watching makes that you like button and subscribe and I’ll see you all next time take my.


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