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LOTTERY TICKET PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND GOES WRONG! for daily funny pranks: PrankCity YesFunnyYes the full playlist of the funniest pranks 2017! for watching today’s lottery prank on girlfriend video leave a like, and.

what’s up guys so I know left you guys like a black dad leaves his family but um I did I honestly forgot about these pranks I’m so sorry this is a prank channel and a vlog channel and I have not imposing pranks but today we coming back with a fire prank for you so two weeks ago Ashley bombing this lottery ticket I were like at a Safeway or something and on her she won’t like a dollar but on mine I want five dollars I still haven’t cashed up I felt kind of bad but it’s kind of funny so we’re about to go out to eat right now and on the way back I’m going to stop at a gas station to fill up my car and what I’m gonna go inside and I’m gonna buy some lottery tickets but she doesn’t know is we already have some lottery tickets as you guys could see right there um these are fake lottery tickets this is $35,000 think all of them are winners I don’t know what’s gonna go but I’m gonna try to fuck a little more so hopefully actually get super high over these lottery tickets um the goal is for her to win and get excited well I’m really excited they when it comes down to picking who gets the money I’m trying to get the money guys numbers smash that like button to 3,000 likes I haven’t done a prank in a while so I hope this goes horribly for you guys I think so please like that because I might get killed I got you that’s your excitement you know how much this shit cost is no yours is a fucking dollar mine are five dollars each so a couple weeks ago as she got me this ticket and I won I don’t know if I blogged or not but I was dead and fuckin uploaded because I must this is the one I want that’s not uterus that’s mine anyways mat five different lottery tickets I’m going to I’m not going to split my five dollars with you and those are high your chance on when it has been Irish guy on it and I’m Irish oh do you like about when you just joined us classes are why do you think section you get a why black I don’t know what’s going on today third one is ten thousand wait what what no wait no it’s as much 300 dollars not fun can you stop oh my god guarantee you do not win hey I won yes no yes there’s three ten thousand what is coming oh my god come on fucking sweet hurry up oh I’m sorry I need a park before come on lottery ticket I’m gonna get a money too this is how people go broke like we’re not even sure if you want no I want I read the instructions can I read it I can finally get my niggas can read nothing finally get a Mini Coopers I know I’m so happy that’s such fucking bullshit no you know I’m like that is fucking bullshit no wait what the fuck what I want are you happy for me no why God because I spend all the fucking to earth okay I made a gold digger one because you think I’m a gold digger make sure it’s not ten thousand dollars a year now it’s ten dollars five thousand it was my ticket not yeah or be always sure what’s up fuck oh my god oh this hasn’t be a joke it is a fucking joke Marcelo I got 15,000 oh you don’t we have 15,000 oh no no I am sorry yeah I bought these shoes but I find boxing shoes way I scratch out mine you have money I’m broke I’m keeping these two okay okay we keep your daughter watching dollar profit I’ll keep writing my own fucking privacy go ahead scratch that one if you fucking win any more money and we’re splitting this shit no yes yeah what the fuck I got this shit for you I allow this probably Oh actually I’m not fucking kidding if you want any more money I get I’ll pay off a month of your car payment Oh a month out of your thousands of fucking dollars fuck no no my god no give me any shit no I didn’t have like income no yeah my my favorite awesome for me I don’t give a fuck I bought that should give me the other thing looking it up give me give me a hot ticket hi you’re being fuck off which is fuck like I think you know like I always share my shit with you always buying you fucking business I always bought you right now yeah you know how I have money but this is mine with the money no I bought it I’m done are you really getting fucking fuck what the fuck what the fuck I think she’s actually mad as fuck right now guys I really didn’t think that would work considering who the fuck went three times I gotta I’ve never I never thought I’d be the guy picking up my girlfriend after an argument in the Carly Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley you being if what the fight you have money now why the fuck you get mad at me how the fuck by knowing you had thousands of dollars now in the car you’re being childish get in the fucking car get in the car I’m getting in the car wait hurry oh it’s raining okay and can’t ever just let me have anything you just one thousands of dollars but you’re still complaining what kind of person are you yeah I got one we’ll go to Paris um you know it would be nice to say things that were real but considering this is a prank you’re not gonna are you crying are you sure they’re not real let me see it they’re fake as fuck i works in a gas station I’ll tell you right now you thought you were big shit you thought you could just treat me out leave my car all by myself a Mini Cooper fight that’s a wrong number Wow person to the money fairy one two three no we’re driving make believe land valid oh man your dreams I’m sorry and you’re sick this is not a good time for you to be fucked over I know I’m sorry tell them to subscribe and buy your shoes yeah subscribe since this is my only source of income and it’s gone yeah buy this shirt so that she can have lottery money yeah I’m going to waste the money that you guys spend a lot shares one more lottery ticket.


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