Lottery Ticket Prank On Angry Hood Grandpa!!(Almost Got Stabbed)Wo Video

lottery prank

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yo yo yo we back with another prank man another friend yeah I’m pretty his ass back I get him back here so he tried to get me what the stolen my car prank wait sorry I’m back we got him hi my um this time we doing a lot of reprint on my grandfather not my job my grandfather pay the lottery every single day every day paid a life spent his last on it on the lottery man and we got some fake lottery tickets wouldn’t get the right one all right we got five of these fake like um Barbie tickets one of them say 10,000 we’re gonna give that one we won’t use the one that say $10,000 you win $10,000 what we gonna do it you’re gonna record him we don’t like going to the guy said she go get it cuz he in the shower right now but yeah we just gonna come back and we’re gonna get his reaction you know yeah he might okay he might pass out crazy you might kick over and I would say that so we’re gonna get but Aggies reaction right now I think I haven’t movie want something right now you want something a gas station okay that’s it I sorry goody goody all right yeah we officially at the store Thanks we finna get him something dry we love you but hey if you kick over you ain’t my father don’t do it you’re not gonna dive right in I yeah we gonna catch up with y’all when we get out to the house though fact yo go in the house set up the camera all right I’m gonna give him his soda and then I’m gonna come back and I’m gonna give him the lottery ticket and tell him that I want to already so I bought one for him yeah and I’m gonna try to have the camera so that we get his reaction why he by himself because I know if he around like me and him he probably not won’t get the reaction you want first what let’s see what happening let’s get it let’s get it see I’m gonna win where would I worry if you wait I need half if you wait I need everything by me half let me just see oh yeah look point at me please if you kill me oh yeah so I’m thank you come take a look you saw him see you come on but I want to the back don’t take my leave me sorry me you keep reading something my breathing better to show you but I want to dream alack you don’t even know that I’d be in a roll and I just read it back please up ground just read the back read the whole thing you take a picture no no you read he wants you to render waiting on tension and once that we want you to read it you get that crazy you my money brother kiri Allah yeah come on I wanna see I wanna see it really hi bro don’t change number but she win prize of $1 $5 $25 and $50 maybe playing wherever a lottery tickets are sold they said winning tickets of $100 or more must be sent by mail to person that the money fair one two three what is it nowhere nowhere drive Hey look what is he don’t say number you say any remembers it they say they say it’s valid only in your dreams Oh give me your cheek you got messy you’re an emoji here you go yeah hey everyone really tried to kill his own money he try to kill us I was money huh ha we officially got my grandfather he really tried to stab us over some money it didn’t take his real oh I don’t know thing I don’t even trust bro no no you know I’m saying it’s my own grandfather we can’t even trust all yeah you with no money you see how people with dissonant it’s not even a prank only don’t play with your family you come kill you buy some money me but I just want to say um thank you all for watching hit like button subscribe button FAQ share share sure and all that you are a yo yo.


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