Lottery Ticket Gold Digger Prank 2016 Video

lottery prank

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excuse me excuse me I sit here hi guys it’s kind of a nice day all right um it’s a beautiful day for some gambling right I know this is kind of weird but uh have your phone number I actually have a boyfriend so I’m sorry what what’s his name well you’re gonna be sorry if I win on this whoa yeah I won I want $500 no I’m serious look see like I’m a seven for you yeah y you want me to go buy you something like what like I don’t know is there like a store around here let’s go shopping seriously yeah all right um I’m parked over there I got my buddy with me though is it funny that’s cool all right yeah all right fine yeah let’s go all right this is your car yeah what do you mean no way why would I have the keys money they would wait this sore right here yeah I don’t want to say this but I don’t buy anything for gold diggers what they’ll walk away.


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