Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

Christmas present prank.

no hackers hackers yeah we know is Shane if my flesh a dollar what do we think about the Packers I like the quarterback thank you for my play with you tell them to float the sewer pickle do it what about kmart yogurt sucks right what toys r us you’re so good luck ran out why do you mean a suck that’s really good i go what where do you know what it is why so long say the p word so Carolyn what why do you hate the Packers what do we like but why ok that’s why we got all the people the other countries he hate American we Americans why I all do with all the little kids off your plate hey Chuy hate you why i owe my mind my dad told me thank you so anyway this is soccer we’re just part so I’m gonna end this back to you and I don’t know what happens I can’t get it scratches this off we can scratch that so get a penny or something not too you probably don’t scratch it up we got its credit haha isn’t it oh what’s that for that so hey hey mo does max Tremont in that side you get dimensional lost well what’s this for then it’s just add oh yeah like these okay yes Mary J just what you want alright cuz if I did we lost already that was God’s I I got it lightly oh I like this sides gone really good okay well you didn’t win nothing sorry almost we had to five dollars said what oh my god tierney new glass I’m gonna pour that up I tear all my fiery side what are your you’re lying did you know I want to rip that Cindy are you just 15 thousand dollars no forget away what your way put the causeway l is seriously oh go look at my garbage can seriously and you see all my rip the lottery tickets if I don’t win night arrow now if I want to look that yeah sorry miss baggage you look at a place I look like 55,000 it oh sure oh my god i get 2500 and you get 25 one good I suppose we always are you sure that looks like a 55 no I thought it was 55,000 shining oh my god good sign it oh she’s gonna have to sign it too cuz you gotta pay taxes on yeah we do hey I think we just wanted five thousand dollars I could have swore to 55 know these lasses sakai you buddy romani what yellow light you we gotta go dancer on we all see the same thing and you ain’t supposed to scratch off anything on the left that’s a good place there you go okay okay calm down everyone calm down for this is way stronger glasses in both assignment I I can’t see a damn thing you got some eyeglass cleaner look at look at see out of them listen wedding tickets of 100 or more must be sent by mail or person to the money fairy little rigid to know where drive in make believe land or does the valley okay in your dreams is a job why don’t you let her read it oh she says she didn’t last.


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