Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

Pranking my family & friends on.

how about people I just did a prank that I 125 thousand dollars it’s not real i’m sure you hide did it and stuff alright check it out see this is my facebook right here this is a picture i posted up that i want twenty five thousand dollar to the comments some people fell for it some didn’t some people actually messes me to to put my money away and stuff here is I’m gonna show you stuff that I use I use these two ass right here as you see I went on Google you will get the fake lottery tickets de la creo I got this picture from facebook that’s the fake lottery ticket that i got on google you see that ticket that’s fake see right there’s a ticket i use right here that’s the picture I used right there’s a ticket again picture it was just a practice eee about people would say anything about believed it which is funny as alright i hope you like this joke I mean it’s prank and I’ll see ya later.


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