Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank


and right after that we have 16 here’s Tom ran from st.Louis Missouri Tom 170 million dollars playing Bauer ball next over down is 19 that’s followed by 57 and we’re gonna wind it up for you tonight with the number 34 all right now for your winner team lucky 13 tonight and I wouldn’t go hi i am calling to tell you that i do it until you go fuck y’all don’t gotta front desk we go by our waste Rihanna me PFE punching John take off your shirt take off your shirt take off your shirt never buy a new one the car should be really taking off your shirt punching your Brooke like the ice cream machine da Gama no no it’s a prank oh ya botha owe me I go get my job back call him and tell him that you was joking. .

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