Lottery Prank !!! Video

lottery prank


yeah oh you look phenomenal maybe a musical come on and don’t worry in finances and girls is all I got oh here okay like I’m surveying on your husband about to put it down gently and hardly look cuz we’re gonna say oh that was your fucking by the guy that sent down yeah I like come on bring it for my money come on resonators I got my and I was like and then I waited a like and I give up that day but when you go on the reward don’t but we’ll meet it worked out but what made it works out is that your door was locked it’s another one I would have been fine but I want them on your own right I finally yeah just to make sure we usually mix to everybody else I got I was their father here I left my bottle we could run your computer formal business a strategy going along wait wait for busy it’s like it says like next three or whatever can you get that amount same line it’s hard to number no want teddy it’s not alive did you mean combatant and that’s about it look Ryan know right now maybe the number one best three like a mouse one day long everything is no 10,000 like I mean I’m yeah you’re in Solomon this is a dollar don’t hear secret no but well I want to look he’s gonna include me I’m in it please bro Wow yeah thousand dollars bro give me the card give me a car wait a minute wait a minute oh wow this is a high go OH ah silver white we’re going to Hawaii in this one goes not this is no it’s not I eat I open honest same oh I should take a trip you can go rent a hotel phone good paper oh my god bro you’ll get no guard Kim na I mean I probably busy I know I said okay here yes oh wait are you not I do not have look like this and I do not have any oh my god okay I’m gonna call him when you come into the room I’ve got a lot I like a door come on I rock bird yeah yeah how’s it feel she’s my dream the bargain on st.Peter’s Island uh huh how’s it feel I really wasn’t saying wow she she felt her though well I got a second I’m really I was like nah I don’t I’ll not look like that okay I never had one and look so one second of it and look I was praying soldiers don’t have it like this David’s out of it Mike I’m CUBAN it into our prank me she gonna fishing out there one hour yeah you want break you on your room now 41 mutters all right how’s it feel home I’m sure if I’m if I’m if I’m gonna put that up cousin how you get in the middle that was a there like subscribe still go ease. .

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