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Intro designed by Austin Taylor .

hey hey you guys it’s dead and i’m outside the hotel right now i’m actually in the parking lot and i left the building and i found out going on a walk because i don’t want him to hear me talking to you guys but the reason that I don’t want to hear him I don’t want him to hear me is because I’m trying to prank him and I’ve been planning this prank for about two weeks and I’m finally going to do it hopefully tonight and you guys are going to get two witnesses so I’m going to give you a little bit of insight on what I’m going to do before we came for orlando i bought how many i don’t know how many there are but i bought I bought some fake Scott’s ticket so that when he scratches them on may appear as though we want now it’s not going to be something that’s super abnormals because i scratch tickets and my mom’s got she’s up she’s got him tickets before we don’t play them often but it’s not going to be like a dead giveaway as to need pranking him so he’s not going to lie i’m going to take it I suggested it before found the trip I told him it would be cool he agreed then I hinted at it again this morning and he said yeah so i’m going to buy three real class tickets i’m going to slide the fourth one in as the fake because he thinks that the number four is his lucky number look at that while i’m talking about this let me show you guys the number four that’s my sign I don’t know anything anyway the briefing so he thinks the number of horses lucky number I don’t just feed it I’ve seen several instances where that number has brought good things into his life for instance we came on this trip we had a free trip to Orlando we start walking to our room on the fourth floor so he pointed that out he’s like let’s leave my lucky number so I think what he realizes that the fourth ticket we bought is the winner he was going to flip okay and now that I don’t have to hide this camera cuz I really thought that if anything ruined this prank it was going to be me trying to hide this big behind camera but he suggested that we filming for you guys so now I’m going to be able to get his reaction on camera and hopefully it’s a success hopefully he doesn’t realize a prank and he really likes lips out so i will see you guys later i really hope this isn’t works I’m so nervous I can’t wait to see his reaction so I will see you guys when I do this prank love you guys so much okay so what’s going on is we’ve got some scratch tickets wherever we go we’re going to pick up some scratch tickets you know different states different countries and just stress off the lottery tickets and see what happens you never know you’re feeling good you wanna when you bet energy to try to get more blessings you know so I let’s see what we get 15 53 I mean 13 7 and 8 are we rich I don’t know that two times I don’t think I’m use anything three times a lot I don’t know I know though I don’t know how to play this one so it’s a hand equals 21 wins Devils a five stones right here that we got two dollars hey hey hey sorry favorite clean plus 6 16 8 plus 9 11 plus 9 is 20 so if the total and hand is higher than the dealings and win fried show valid so I’m off four dollars hey at least we got awful amount we paid a ticket yeah almost all that I pay for my come on man all right that was me that boy dolly so I didn’t even hear the instructions mean anything if you mess a number to either the winning numbers any of your numbers to the winning numbers you win the prize for that number if you get a starfish you win the prize zone for that symbol automatically imagine any numbers to the winning numbers if you get a bell you double the prize showing for that simple trap some numbers bird if you have any big money up for 2,000 so we’ll see one of our winning number is seven if it is we got 50,000 bucks and we can pay off our student loan yeah $50,000 execute of them let’s not talk about it I don’t think I have that much I say we would have money left over hey we got a dollar really good how do you feel less you’re winning ah don’t pretty good Bob feel pretty good good to be back I don’t know why they never looks you in the eye clearly one number away from the light cool boy cackling boy specific oh that Willie I was a el but we’re gonna bounce back so let’s be you do it I think my mom doesn’t like dude this is more nerve wracking for excusing all the numbers yeah the poor in their battle one ah Noelle 90 minute gnarly Todd you gonna ba ba they got sent off a half a dozen why couldn’t we get one of those what’s the blue team champions got the pleasure of your point if the coin out over dollar you win with him the prize box hey wait I don’t know over a dollar over a dollar okay they play the subscriber they finesse with the penny wow I’m gonna get supplies when you slice no honey darling bad then John you can forget an ugly lotto like market hopping I could have many the inspection get a joker when instantly must be like a mouse and win not a month all right I love you that ugly I’m never seen any of these before my life is gonna be bad and I’m with wait wait hold on babe babe wait hello no no I’m chicken okay nitrogen i just i was listening I was missing a0 i got there i thought this says 50 because i saw 50,000 wait hold on i might drip in hold on you got it wait hard I guess Oh hold on wait I don’t get the interest wait hold on you got it thanks you gotta hold on I gotta okay hold on you got a bogus man okay wait Master you like a mountain you’re lying hey hey hold on now I’m like I’m like babe babe Sully we want 50,000 my hands are shaking do we want baby back boy if you don’t get the video okay I don’t know that there this is great one thing back all the things i think about buying did I give you good I’m done no we’re so broke get off that was a calm reaction though ya know you gotta talk to them so was i do I feel heartbroken test is on the broke he got he got me good I really thought I wanted because I had to read it a few times I knew the car was actually I’ve never seen a lot of things that ugly ass ain’t looking cars but um he gotten okay does it going how’s it going alright so I’ve been playing this size for two weeks now because she said that I couldn’t prank him and I did and I got him really good I was like my eyes are watering I know if I can see my eyes are rotting I got him really good but they already about it cuz i reported in town oh yeah you did when I was no ma I gotta go for a little walk I want to be alone I didn’t run back in a good but we already agreed like I told you guys we weren’t gonna fight each other because we didn’t think that we could successfully well alright guys we’re about to get a break I was I was a pretty good prank I’m not even hungry I’m not even angry I because was pretty good prey he didn’t penis labelled but he’s not he’s not overly reacted like that so I think that was pretty good well that is no stay five to the letters know in the comments down below what you thought did I get them good I got it I got it was I all right guys we’re gonna have to bridge we’ll see you later bye.


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