Lottery Prank On Wife | $10,000 (Hilarious) Video

lottery prank

LOTTERY PRANK ON WIFE (HILARIOUS)!!!! Cici couldn’t believe we won but if she did, I’m sure we would’ve got a better reaction but this works for Sheek lmao!!! Hope you guys enjoyed this prank. Love y’all!


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what up Fisher boys shit today see I ever told me to go on a draw to get her a shirt she in the living room right now she won’t even know I got the camera she excuse me she told me to go on I draw get her shirt and she told me to go on her drugs get her shirt and I found these for you guys who don’t know what this is these are fake scratch offs I don’t know why she thought she could get me I don’t know if she was trying to prank me well most likely is she was trying to prank me so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to the store I’m gonna buy some real ones and I’m gonna mix them up and I’m gonna give each other hopefully she doesn’t know different cuz she don’t really play so she’s not gonna know she doesn’t know but yeah don’t forget to subscribe make sure you give this video a thumbs up oh thanks are we gonna get it don’t say nothing don’t tell mom okay put your thumbs up thumbs up yeah see you later in a minute my second yeah so I’m on my way to the store with the book Oh is she own even know dogs she don’t even know I’ve got something for something lovely let me get these big scratches you go deep a girl Wiegel day she gonna be so mad it’s a beautiful day outside it’s real beautiful yeah what’s up buddy so scratch offs all right so I got something going on I’m gonna send my wife thing I want to prank her I want her to think it’s real oh no no no there’s no trouble but when she come here you gonna tell her to speak I do want you to know it can I get on going huh yeah yeah 25 let me get to this change thank you I’ll be right back so I got these once I got a trick for head yeah I see you in a minute she don’t know that I’m pranking so yeah I’m gonna use this babe hey come here Oh be mad at me I know you tell me stab gambler but I feel lucky today in a mess especially to happen to your face which is fragile regular people XD I’ve gone directions Brenda noni hi nice said that she follows us on snapchat and consistent give me that baby and then my sister just subscribe now which here that’s the moment give it to mama scratching you expect one that has been won or you know me scratch my first oh I can’t wait everybody I thought I’d 140k else thought idea 1670 that one this is a new one you told me that one is a new one this one yeah so many of this will collapse the same now when you got the first the other one first yeah you go for that yeah how you do this and whatever you get in that box no don’t worry about it I got it I got it I’m always losing you always win special ticket mastery amounts wind em up 10,000 knowledge I know what wait nobody bro bro that’s just a $10,000 match 3 sets $10,000 oh really dude Oh oh snap this monster you do not believe that this is my take yourself take come on I don’t believe that you didn’t want ten bands bro come on let’s go catch this you really want $10,000 huh how many that you go to the store you livers that they send out others that’s why I said he was scratching I feel lucky he told me that’s a new one I don’t know he said as a new boy again try $10,000 she shot like it was it’d be fucking twice in my life you just won twice so this says ten thousand ten thousand dollars we want to let’s go the corner store you really what we up right now Jimmy well smothered you’ll be smiling too 110 done huh you’ll be smiling too would be 110 done let’s go let’s go bloggers that you once have rats you want ten racks on blog come on come on yeah we’re going to start again at $10,000 zarbor say $10,000 why how do they turn away oh yeah oh yeah let’s get the money first come on let’s go let’s go catch this ticket so we could go shopping we’re gonna put your Sounders on so you don’t catch this money money she’d be so mad at me all the time well that way because I’m doing it oh my god take $10,000 for the camera you want a rush no cuz they feel rude you know I do because I tell him all the time not to play these things we’re fine finally one this really says $10,000 it says we how Y is enough focusing come on let’s go to this guy’s to get three of them okay for moms but am I gonna pull yet we’re gonna go to the store now so we gonna go down some so I’m gonna put my cell phone we’re gonna go down so it go downstairs to Kashi and basically I don’t know so I have that money in my hand it she’s not gonna feel Rosa visa from ours being really bad because I can’t believe this believe it cause it’s real son yeah we got this you got a whisper you got to see it quiet we have to run back home right here I can’t do that huh bait go give me a shirt give me a shirt I wanna fight you I want to fight you look at your face that’s funny that’s funny there was a break yep how you gonna catch me and I play that I knew it was fake once I see what I see we’ll get your face she’s sick I got faith she’s sick right now she’s sick I got her it’s cool and was crazy I really had those in my drawer cuz I was gonna prank him isn’t right and I got something him but I’m so I don’t even want to hold this camera right now I’m trying to keep my composure because I was also doing this on him guys I was supposed to prank him with this is it right though here so I gotta it was it was it was a success yes it was but it’s okay it’s a right he got me and I was a little salty before when we was going to the store together or her gummy worms but it’s alright it’s okay cuz just to let you know I’m coming back extra hard just so you know going back extra high don’t forget to subscribe this video big thumbs up even if you didn’t like this video give this video a big thumbs up we in coulombs then you know we go right now we go we don’t act like we cool right that goes know don’t forget to follow us on all of our social media everything will be listed in the description below yeah if you want my prank just give this video a thumbs up but I don’t like you right now you don’t have a tribe dog you know but I’m telling you ma’am don’t be lying to me even though I felt stupid I just kind of they got I wasn’t jumping up and down I would like a bubbling but whatever it’s alright I got him I got him I got him but anyway guys so I love you and we love you oh yeah.


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