Lottery Prank On My Mom!! Video

lottery prank



we’ll be out like that Oh we got yourself anything I can’t stand it oh yeah my chicks laughing I heard it going on it was like oh you might get me the knife that I’m having ago uh nozzle work up mail carrier all right yeah a little bit I’m going to shower yeah huh what happened what happened hey yes I’m going to Dallas you want it out come are you serious yes I’m going to drop my head yeah oh wow are you freaking kidding me man down one that amount may affect you know what damn gallery all the pairs come out pick my face hey you know let’s go yeah yeah yo whoa I’m claiming this I technically did buy it wait not playing I took my beer bottles oh wait please look at my bag let’s go let’s go pick my mother up I’m going to Pam seriously I did all the shit up no you know how to take it can you know start there I’m not reliable you up in my baby move you up this is match three like a mountain that remember I don’t see a serial number where you can stand their actual tickets and already baby ghosts are $10,000 look $10,000 baby let’s go oh man oh man let’s go shower go to quality with my shoes mom it’s not serum well can you stop playing come on that’s it oh okay it’s not don’t play with me is a patient is amazing well y’all played today you crazy crap without it are you serious shit ah yeah boy whoa Lenny damn joke surprise ah we got a UH one too what technically this is this exactly like the first up hold up for a second Connie I got I have a special surprise for you I want to see tight in the child face to come I got a special surprise for you can we shoot there you go laptop I got you a whole new laptop yeah gotcha always liked it oh what’s that any come on time is this real Harry have it open it okay here we go another damn game tell me about a cool i.Phone i. Phone 6s plus oh this a real phone let me check in her hold on his room oh well this is the least you can do for me after all the same again I’m not coming over your house appreciated I hope you like it mother but really did I have to get this grant to get a fake box where is the last topic I just got that laptop because I’ll ask my head no more space on it people got phone grab a new phone woodland look this is nice can thank you I’m still not going back over here right Libby nobody’s safe in this house right hope you guys enjoy that video don’t kid like share subscribe Oh oh my god oh my god was it Yuma stick one seen it to me. .

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