Lottery Prank On My Husband!!!! Video

lottery prank

Watch as We prank my Husband with some fake lottery tickets !!! You never know people until you give them a winning lottery ticket lol !.

okay so we’re gonna prank um their dad my husband with a fake lottery tickets and see like all the tickets are winners okay for 5000 some for 10 so we’re gonna fake the lottery tickets and see what happens okay stay tuned thumbs up not only got the match amount of single row but as you said Matt real three matt three like a mouse and when done so here’s another one I got this 5000 x 5000 the best thing going wrong they said next three black amounts one two three right let me see what’s the other one so don’t say the same yeah it’s just met master your mouth when they’re a mess so you’ve got five thousand two times a thousand Master your mouth but what I think I think what had to happen is that take a head to match all over crowd back then I guess so which one is the winner I don’t think you don’t everyone because if you have to if we have to I mean if you have to match them typically when you win all three matches across almost like a slot machine right all three would magic wands so this was here let me see it look I think so we didn’t win match 3 amounts win that amount that looks like it went to me misleading you take it up there and ask it says match three amounts win that amount so we’ve got five thousand three times right until you win five thousand yeah i would think that’s what it says track and keep it that’s wrong you can’t keep it but i bought the ticket kiss you gave me a ticket but i but i bought it no did you can’t do stuff like that why I mean but we married so I get a trailer that’s what I’m saying you know you cheap I’m not sure I’m the one about to test an youichi youichi I’m cheating but I bought the tickets no but you get into something so i said here scratch this for me that he was working for them no yeah I know what you’re trying to do teach but friday play ticket you been prey you were going to take the money and run and run away and we never gone to the Rose invested perfect it is not fair that’s okay it was only five thousand imagine if it was a million oh my gosh run away from right even away from myself with all the money we pray to yeah it was it was Laila Sasha idea and then I’ll I just aren’t good actor not parking cars never no never no try the lottery prank okay so we did the lottery ticket prank you’re the fake lottery tickets i’m going to show you know how they look and they’re already been all scratched all stretched off as you can see they kind of look real i have the real scratch off and it’s like any three win so we gave him the lottery tickets and he thought he won five thousand dollars and he wasn’t gonna give it to me he was he said you could have some he wasn’t gonna give it to me and it’s only five down the dollar and i asked him to scratch it anyway it’s a good prank to see where people are thinking okay was it that funny you know left i tried i checked i didn’t need to laugh I’m glad it wasn’t like a million cuz we would have been running around and circle around that couch I would have to act to a lot would I had to act a lot okay so tell me what y’all think of this prank tell me if y’all are gonna go to the dollar tree get some fake lottery tickets in the in that was it the toy game section and prank someone you got it so funny and see what they do alright thanks for watching thumbs up if you liked our prank video.


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