Lottery Prank On Girlfriend! (She Gets Mad!) Video

lottery prank

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like that if I can’t have a go with you then you can’t either so you will so come on Pedro girl what I do is your boy flash you know back in the building with another prank video um so look today we’ve got the lottery ticket Franklin Co we got we got a ten band right now we’ve got five bands right there and this one here is a real one so with that one I actually won a dollar and I’m gonna act like I’m depressed because I just laced my money but only got a buck and I’m pretty much gonna scratch the other one and I’m gonna win that big money when I’m hold her hand out for that cut I’m gonna cut I’m gonna go shopping by myself let’s see what she said what’s that back scratching these tickets only one $1 man at least I want my dollar back though least I want a dollar I got a dollar big money big money I got this other one to match three like amounts win that amount what you doing where’d you go so this game says match three like amounts win that amount so we’ll just say right here what do you see let me see there man let me read it where you going then the reading we can say Dean uh from win 10,000 calm down are you warm I got my own keys what we won no no I want you wouldn’t with me shooting in the gym boy you don’t anyway you can have that one I’ll rip this whole thing up no no no buddy you can have that one I’ll keep this you I won 10,000 why do you play don’t even wanna dollar Merry Christmas why do you think me ungrateful what do you mean so okay so we go care center oh I’ll be back I’m about to go what do you mean you take the dot off what do you mean you have the dollar one I’m taking this one no we’re taking that one no we’re not yes we are so let me get my stuff game is not on the same version yeah well this rings on my fingers on almost all of yourself which is why I gave you that one that’s on it that’s why I’m going are you going go catch them well marnie carinii right now like this act like I’m not catching it yeah cuz you always taken something on every time I get something you oniy well no I know don’t don’t you smarter than like I’m playing with you because you got to be this is this has gotta be a joke so let’s go catch that you bill me it’s Christmas we go put the presents under the tree you know about a bing bada boom whatever the tree you don’t work on true even in it acting like that like would have a salty for like no reason everything was just cool before you scratched it off all of a sudden there’s a problem so how I’m sold there no problem later double me last night I didn’t mean I won’t tomorrow but you not getting there there’s 10,000 ah this is not enough I’m gonna go buy me a car I’m gonna go buy me another car and then I’m gonna get another apartment I’ll pay for another room here one in the room tonight one other night you want that seat that bar smell what would you what would you cut up why are you like that you think that’s done if I can’t have another with you then you can’t even hear you so you will so who’s coming on finger oh girl okay what you got what you got okay you you go enjoy that why do you single you see mother’s knee over there that’s this is 10,000 reasons water to dry my tears oh it’s lit its lit and you are ungrateful because you didn’t even want the dollar you didn’t even want the dollar excu get out I will get up with my tears hey hey babe babe open the door I’ll give you a little bit of it babe say hey it was a it was a prank all right so the camera just died I have to change the battery Balu listen oh yeah what you doing what you doing you look salty I thought I was a saucer would you look salty salty yeah yeah anyways gang another successful one in the books how you feeling it’s okay I’m gonna make my comeback go ahead and comment below and let me know if you got any ideas cuz I will come back anyways gang I still got that same band.


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