Lottery Prank On Gf’s Family!!!! Video

lottery prank

Let the pranks begin!!! Our first ever prank on our channel, and we got a great reaction. It was not just on one person but it was on my girlfriends family. It was epic and we hope you guys enjoyed watching this video as much as we enjoyed filming it

what’s off you guys so we’re bringing you guys a brand new video again so today is her brother’s birthday him is Giordani and we’re celebrating it today they are I’m gonna go I’m invited something go and we’re just gonna pick some stuff up for the party right now and if you’re watching this video you obviously saw the title so yes we are pranking her cousins because I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be two of them hopefully they do not know the prank cuz other rs have done it before so hopefully they don’t know it and we can actually get a reaction of them and we’re also gonna be pranking my brother oh yeah you guys we’ll see you later on in the video but right now we better go get some stuff so guys we’ve just big carpet at Ross we went to Ross and bought a carpet the funny part is that we didn’t think it through of how we were gonna get this carpet in this small car so then we open this up and it comes all the way to the front if it perfectly perfectly through that little square cuz of me and it’s a rectangle I believe this is so funny what I was telling her too I was like how is this gonna fit in my car while she was paying because I thought of it and then it barely fit but she got lucky all right guys so right now my house but known as you can see Pressey is at her house right now freshening up in I think to freshen up because like we said earlier in the video today is her brother little brother’s birthday and that’s what I’m heading out right now I just haven’t you know get a quick shower in cleaning up a little you know change on outfit and now I’m ready so I’m gonna meet up with them right now and we’ll see you guys there tryam Frank very cousins and hopefully they fall for it so what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna prank them with a lottery ticket pretty sure all of you guys have seen the videos on it from other rs but before they notice then we have to go right now we’re gonna because everybody would need to get lottery tickets scratch off we went to 7 Eleven got a bunch of lottery tickets so they wouldn’t suspect anything and now we’re gonna just like pretend they’re Hayes and say oh you can have one yeah so we’re gonna see how this goes that means I didn’t win anything wait nah never won anything you on a tight blogging can you match three amounts in the wind out of nowhere so you have to get three nothing is it say you get three five dollars and that’s what you win you got to five dollars and right now two three $5,000 she won five no she don’t know that’s mine Hey all right guys so I just finished editing the video that is going up today and I just saw that me and my girlfriend did not finish the video so right now that’s what I’m gonna do they say that I hope you guys enjoyed the video the prank came out really good we got a reaction out of everyone some people even almost got a heart attack thinking they won the lottery but it was really funny if you guys enjoyed it then let us know in the comments down below and tell us what you thought about it and and we’ll make more prank videos on other people’s so so yeah make sure to LIKE comment share and subscribe tell everybody you know about our channel tell them to subscribe put them on you know we’ll have more exciting videos and like ice that now that we are well that I’m done with midterms we have much more time on our hands so we will have more videos and if you guys haven’t noticed we’ve been posting like pretty fluently recently and hopefully we can keep it up and thank you for everyone that has supported us till now and anyone who is going to support us later on so make sure to LIKE comment share and subscribe and thank you so much.


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