Lottery Prank On Dominican Grandma Video

lottery prank

MY (@conucovlog) COMING SOON WE JUST HIT 200 HANNN!.

hi so my mom’s being these women so I got this does the sick is here so if y’all ain’t armed here earlier um and in my vlog um I’m gonna do a lot of a cloudy prank on my ground on my Dominican grandma we’re gonna do this gag lotto ticket prank and she she’s not gonna know this she like no difference because she even she can’t even read this but so let’s just open it and all that’s good I was going to bring a real one and like strike like finish it like that with that one and like and like so this one to see and she was gonna win but I’m going to give it to imma be like I’m gonna be late you know um I I just bought you a ticket I thought it brings all she’s in the she’s upstairs right there I’m recording one of my five so I just got home marek mo to my grandma a yellow tea to my gramma mama : are a phenomena aha porque yo yo gel akan de la cumbre ah ah Telemundo fuck it uh uh huh look again see I think I’m fuckin with you know help me see my mother the man I’m hello Kilauea pinaki she that has just said oh it has been million dollars imma give you something but if not a monkey’s butt let’s take the whole ticking lip get it now playing out of nothing but she looks a little amp I don’t know I don’t know she was she was like like and she’s never sketch about things like this because well you know it’s in the brain where you know oh I’m sick to Kimberly and she knows that um I’ve been doing videos and I do recording so it even matter I’m gonna put these tickets away by moving some Oh vamos in there and I come apart like it Oh Brad forgot the fucking thing with me hey I’m always alone I’m fucking way on your life okay my hand will be sliding off sorry got him come on come on laughing more talk about it really hmm movie hi Brad Tina give me patience they’re meeting me oh my god oh my god on every peso butter tomato Jeannie oh my god I’m away oh my god and I’ll turn it on later Emily you medium medium me I get to get get them off like Google Oh dear me oh good I see ah you all right I do i wait i lo i buggy ride a little wing huh come on turn it up Oh mommy’s is over deal ah ah come on you dumb yeah every job I’d want oh that’s crazy season one 10,000 not crazy yeah yeah is that one day the independent ah we all try to potentially okay yo my grandma’s going hand inside running around doing man crazy shit I don’t know how to tell you this but the fake oh god I just going to hate me after this but you know I had to do it to her okay imma go inside I’m at over let’s go all right modular pressure was um well yeah remember yeah he’s under a principle oh hey oh yeah now I oh so we got asked I couldn’t tell it was fake so I just told you it was $10 I feel so bad now but if y’all want to see more pranks and stuff like that make sure to leave a like in this video and subscribe to my channel um I do pranks vlogs challenges skits all that shit on this one channel I initiated a second channel but I’m gonna keep that on the low low for now and start putting everything on the on Kournikova launch and for now I’m not going to use the clinical TV channel it’s just going to be the like a dormant channel for now maybe later on like I could start using it for something notes on I have some have some plans in mind because in the beginning I was going to do pranks and sounds all that or in that one channel but I have something else in mind that I think you guys might like but I’m not gonna start doing it now I’m just focus on clinical blogs and your needs so um that was a prank make sure to LIKE comment subscribe and join the clinical game by hitting that subscribe button I don’t want no time sizeable can’t get no love from me over to other levels back retro kind of plot to me I don’t know that is a very good movie come over to other love.


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