Lottery Prank On David!!! Video

lottery prank

Decided to get my husband back today with a fake lotto ticket. Made him think he won dollars and watched his reaction. Continue watch……and please down Family Adventure is an entertaining family vlog channel based in California. Our videos show our real life moments, challenges, and traveling adventures. David is an amazing father and husband that enjoys spending time with his family. Yesenia is raising our children to be open and outgoing while still having fun. Alyah is currently 12 years old, while she is still somewhat shy she is starting to open up to the camera. Her passion is drawing. Isaac is 7 years old and is obsessed with playing video games and team sports such as soccer. We are excited to share our adventures and family moments with all of you!.

I bought these $10 scratchers these are all real I spent like 80 something dollars just ones real real real real real and this is the fake one right now right again I already said we’re going to do is I’m going to go ahead and tell them I’m back from the store that I possible scratchers and I’ll give them a few so okay crank it normally a lot of pressure kind of thing for us we like to gamble I’m back sit on back back old story back in the store parking structures and good way to three hours occupy so much once you find I’ll find all their $20 or $30 all 20 yeah knowing what their that ADA less efficient and we only one of the colander we are all happy we were able to hear how they got five minutes Road Testament be yeah not really good yeah those things you never would my house and it’s that we keep the change Batman for good luck all the pretenders next can cut others better I seen it oh she’s starting to turn but hey if we lay down share deaf4life one with 1000 a month or 25 years no way hey no way ignore the Telfer no way what up hungry nervous I think I got a scratch off ticket mastery like a man down out one to model effort what did I win you top down that Batman stop the leash it’s good I want right it can be right if Ted high got loose crowd match dress up take your mat me left town why not no no I can’t be there for them like that I want this destined to ever wherever we can to keep that amount homie not thinking that you do saw that I don’t know baby nothing you say is wrong what I should stick it not sweet like a little girl I mean that’s right thank you this progenitor better lover her off of mission sense that for me looks like you envisioned so happy I’m promised shoes way to go what would this will set for life everybody is not going to this is melody label remember how I was going to try to cash in that 500 and they didn’t want to be you will call the mother if you call this one for this information so I can find Walter little for you understood I’m so nervous oh I just hit 10 grand home in between my legs outline school I got it right here in my hand let’s become available by calling 1 800 fabulous Melanie her to go on the furnishing way a few moderate Oh or you can take action taking specialist and for your retail Rd think they want to be it has risen one way you can reach it wrong no really it like look look read the back of it constantly in the back of it why you shouldn’t Barney told you it is our code because I’m hoping you would turn it around and read it now being sharing that you got me nervous or smacking in the talk I was so damn nervous on the phone and waiting on a shinu payback payback is a motherfucker keep an eye hey you started it you started it going in there like looking I got $10 maybe not maybe it’ll fit down to $25 24 you okay but I’m out of you that you’re gonna that you’re going to share it of course I must share what you guys and then I people are crying me quite so ground when we tell them even with it down if I can describe more that’s all you’re gonna fall out okay before the run hey did you know about it well you do buddy yeah holy fool oh yeah it’s funny huh you better watch your back you dad you know my grandma you send out a matter of fact let me take these off I’m going to get you back.


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