Lottery Prank On Boyfriend!!! Video

lottery prank

My BF is OBSESSED with the lottery so I thought this would be a great prank to pull on him! I hope you guys enjoy!.

oh ok guys really quick I’m about to prank my boyfriend I have some there he is right there huh I my finger sorry baby ok oh are you gonna play you let you know I’m about to threaten the boyfriend what leave me alone a fake lottery ticket looking at me better how you scratch it for years I can do the prank right now cuz I don’t have another lottery take you I need a fake haha ok guys i have a lottery to kc it I’m trying to walk uniqlo Mc.Donald yeah okay we stop begin I’m trying to make you so y’all will see there we go a hole in my car so embarrassing okay okay so we stopped again so now i can make my prank happen okay so uh oh he said I bought these fake lottery tickets and here is a real lottery ticket and I didn’t wait anything on this one but I’m gonna make it seem like I bought both of these tickets and this one is the Rowan I’m gonna choose when these fake ones I’ll treat when he going believe go lucky shot casino cash I do this cuz i got the amount of how much it was on here alright imma do shadow to shadow pond cuz i think one is realistic but two is like okay you want again right now here’s one to one I’m gonna do this one and the fake them so once I see who ain’t I got enough my bet that up perfect I got another one I’m come back when he is coming back here some salt take me back to people nothing yeah fuck you too that’s crazy back in dubois you huh not one more okay give me your Scott yo Scratchy good good luck yeah I got good luck well I hope so you need a penny mm hmm just need to make down us now you some quick fix what you get no lucky quarter off ticket matched read like a mouth on you all right cuz that’s too let’s hand out that’s where a list of it that’s 50 right maybe that’s 25 that’s already three different ones yeah okay that’s a honey that’s fo different ones then the odds of this too oh man go away yeah that’s another term though you love it angle B or what yeah I’m saying me unhe not wearing Mia Mia neon say that is three of them um haha hey what no let me read this you’re right way three like a mouse wyndham now run along home magazine $10,000 dr SE yo 10,000 sent me the art pea we going downtown neon say I’m not gonna quit uh huh well I don’t go what you mean that plan on me go downtown Louisville don’t want 30 felder music you went in down dollars brain hold on me I got pitocin is no regular this is oh man would you go give me their 1000 honey what about your hair let’s go let’s go hey let me get the store I quick there goes it allows no let’s go let’s go and we just want two thousand dollars Oh Mc. Donald’s parking lot I said I had the luck babe well he’s another odd Oh bang then go to the store i mighta check it I might the check this shit why wouldn’t you magnifly happens that I don’t lend our cheek you told him of me we did you pretend I know your baby a fee yes I can’t even think right ah I dollar to get bein what plan media hey guys good hey good way to start off one all right yo does not focus how did I don’t get of people ten thousand dollars off a dollar this is crazy babe okay yeah a local chevron logo logo chevron baby local chef babe put that window up let’s get the fuck thank you Lord I’m here now imagine Goose Bay you acting crazy people over baby people are gonna know all right come a come here come here I wake up you first cuz you acting crazy sit now ok now you I got ants in my opinion get in the car cuz you want to call attention to us didn’t want more I yup oh wait let me double check come on we gotta go dude we gotta go to a Georgia Lottery let’s go get his run maybe read this movers the odds of winning is zero in 10,000 hey no way driving me come on good girl if it what it no we’re driving make believe land yes this and you this is zero out of ten thousand like folks on that hit there’s no we did the whole nut brittle give me the bar call tomorrow you gave me a lucky ass quarter membership babe look it’s a pretty baby I’m sorry so you mean to tell me I don’t got to download you’ve never had to come on okay sorry baby okay bye baby. .

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