Lottery Prank – Girl Wins Lottery, Not Really Video

lottery prank

Lottery Prank – Girl wins lottery, not really.

alright so I’m about to prank my girlfriend really really bad I bought her ticket with yesterday’s winning lottery numbers and she’s about to watch the video right now so hold on a sec favorite judge my game coming to you right now this is our ball good evening America i’m sam bartlett we got a boob jackpot 42 night it’s a guaranteed 70 million dollars i hope you got those tickets good luck take your first look at the night winning numbers first up we got the number 33 and right after that is the number 34 take a look at this lucky powerball winner John church he took over 1 million dollars after that went on five white ball numbers next number up for tonight is 49 after that we’ve got the joke funny do you like to buy yourself funny I just started crying funny what is wrong with you I’m crying over hahaha oh that’s my prank of the day lady.


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