Lottery Prank For You Iphone Video

lottery prank

Prank Lottery iPhone App allows you to trick your friends and family into thinking they won the Mega Millions or Powerball.

here’s a hysterical iphone application that will allow you to trick your family and friends and I thinking that they’ve won neither the Mega Million or the Powerball you’ll see here at the top of the screen to your family or friends they’re going to think that it’s just a iphone application called I lottery results that will allow them to check their winning numbers the actual name of the iphone application is called lottery prank now when you download lottery prank you’ll easily be able to set up the prank on the info screen from the info screen at the bottom of the screen you’ll be able to set up the prank here the instructions you simply select either Mega Million or powerball enter in your friends winning numbers after you’ve had a sneak peek at their lottery ticket and then you’ll want to also enter in the jackpot amount when you click Save the setup is complete you’ll not be able to give your phone to your family and friends to have them check their mega millions or powerball results when they select Mega Million they’ll enter the date of the drying and simply click view results they’re going to see their winning numbers and the jackpot amount and think that they’ve won the lottery the name of the app again is called lottery Frank prank your friends and family today it also works on the ipod touch and the ipad.


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