Lottery Prank-Ch-Rf Video

lottery prank

had a couple of guys scratch off my lottery ticket for me.

where’s it you’re talking to me or amber Oh oh god where are yours got boulders next 2015 so to my hands line searches miscellaneous Orient Oh a few guys a little bit i guess we wait too long yeah he’s got a 50,000 50 50 girls if I watermelon so I said wait three you get three five hundreds honor fuck sadness oh you’re a fucking bitch now that you have to give you at least fucking two thousand one hundred bucks just for being here yeah I want cheese you want 50,000 domin we’re not fucking shit you you know you max three months you got 350 thousand are they were not shit you did look at you I swear on my mom’s life swear my daughter did we’re not shit Neelu see you there you got a fucking bitch you’re worried about money their game word about no more dude he’s a picky picky Alvin fuckin bullshit win fifty dollars again silly we have next four months no it’s three here look at this kid mother fuck is that how do you rate dude you gotta give me at least fucking 100 bucks from scratch not pitch that’s fucked up you know you only get to claim like girl hot Selena thirty five thousand dollars with the rest of your tag beat up doing one of the odds one to a million wow it is he didn’t though this is a million you understand again any that many tickets of 10,000 or more must admit going for my mail haha.


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