Lottery Prank Big Apple Barbershop Video

lottery prank

Barber pranked.

z wave you use crashing already come out I’m one of this match reelection always no no we will let you my dear to me what is some kind of trick or something triple something nothing did you want anything I know how you check out doing nothing else 10 G’s fuckin lyin Luther go to 10 G’s for 102 is not moving I think 333 yeah 3 I got it what oh wait you say gonna show recover either either is gonna shit I said the new york lottery with the one that you know you said hello to play in the regular logarithm ever end no this is good against i want to give everybody something everybody yeah when I don’t know what four thousand dollars yeah I want to take out the knowledge oh shit wrong you got lucky love you get lucky yeah she’s calling I was hey wait uh huh come on we’re good how much is a fake old today a notch okay I’m taking off today right oh how much is good let’s talk about this how much I’m here I don’t know in succession so much try again no I think you’ve got to go down to the lottery no touching can we go a little bit yeah I have to go on are possibly weekend 0 and 10 thousand so let us tickets this is nice to you like the wrong me a little back breathable like read out loud Oh waiting prize 15 25 50 maybe clean whatever letters to get the silver gilt winning ticket a hundred or more washing man in person what do you bet once went through is right yes where’d you get this much you.


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