Lottery Prank At Rndc Video

lottery prank


love to give everybody larger and if they want obviously myself myself so to say thank you I went and got to guess but however if we do the view somebody takes bit do you know let’s play so I’m going to do later yeah so 100 bucks it’s over 100 willfully welcome lunch first dollars I’m school dude like that dude other ladies first and then they’ll let scratch them by seniority scratch body where seniority you’re making the rules Tracy starting up so do Rick do Richard I to Richard 9 sure we get hurt I mean do we share in the pot since you forgot to get us a ticket so sorry presentation whoa what oh they got me sick so yeah she does no way that’s cream like a mouse 108 hope at a time it may be no way like scratches three of small know you’ve all no one is green it I would like though that ticket yeah I want you did you win thanks Rosa mom did she win sir yes it matched three numbers match three wins in no way I’m in 10,000 but she just didn’t doubt she’s like 10 grand they thought were splitting it geez one it around to the winning dollar dollar dollar winning numbers bigots not uni remember tomorrow we prize for that ever the Bill of five times symbol Bartimeus yes Wow Simone you thought you got excited Appetit you got excited I want a dollar hey well you see ya I’m into the money fairy please feel free to chime in anytime where did you get where’d you get away and why did I get ticket I drew straws just get Matt wait Wayne Wayne psych taken over the printer no I like that in all seriousness though thanks everybody for your help helping me get through financials and getting everything together that was cute everybody’s answered questions for me bill thanks airport spot on so ATP really everybody thanks good luck chair by tomorrow of a big deal so yes I’m talking about the adjusted gross profit.


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