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lottery prank


I not just put it into a fool 25k we’re gonna we’re gonna record everybody no record scratching and if you guys whoever wins nobody paid me by the way oh okay with me because i bought the ticket that’s 25 25 I don’t care 25 23 20 girl okay you’re not gonna scratch how money I’m gonna record on no scratch neck me and the headline writers start any Lanka and Jose is gonna do next i I just I don’t know I was next to George ok let me go in the water is shit you’re seducing a woman este handsome Eddie what you see what I mean okay boss boy 33 right second three right one to bring the shop is Eddie would you in dollars men are three $20,000 one two three yeah yeah no one yeah that’s my last month oh you won yeah what no no no special don’t say heaven happen if I don’t pay that bhushan yo hey sanyo showroom what no wine you want I’m not like man’s for 350 thousand dollars 50 dozen dogs win loop no way yeah of course yes what I find that you don’t know oh no no i buy ya know anyone named it guy he won’t we see 20,000 what 350 thousand fifty wait the guns do any fight foam 44 me more if I for you nothing you don’t pay the ticket are you supposed to pay the ticket hey you’re supposed to be the two dollar fifty comigo hey guess we love within a tarot hey Dave 25 were women in SLO 25 may see hey maybe 2004 you doesn’t haha oh yeah yeah look I see Eddie oh he won’t 53 nuh well I don’t know what we want my us wanna thank you another question do you say the next one we are giving know you you lose you don’t pay nothing if you win you split it she pointed big way she pointed on 50,000 logic yeah nope i said y’all a ten dollar told me is his luck hey no no better than that my alignment i know i saw you one one two three but the Buddha better the volcanic ashes I’ll give it to you when you fight 25 25 thousand buckle me but who’s gonna cash it you or me huh who’s gonna catch the ticket maybe you’re gonna cash it and you’re not gonna come towards no more oh man I don’t worry I’m not pleased with that Oh summary but life like what a basic mm I’m super were together for months may12 street yeah but those Greek want to stream on the Honda how we gonna do this I don’t know you gotta know where to cash should read level no not in the store they’re not gonna cash it you gotta go to Long Island or no I gotta read let’s go read in the back where to cash it Emma I’m gonna be the real thing I don’t matter but gonna do they’re not gonna cash it in the score over ten thousand dollars oh you’re good okay oh you’re gonna say if I’m not made I gave it to him hey I second half right cannot be like that Mel when you’re done without feeding sweet well that’s not lying indistinct acts right away yeah you pay the tax right away oh yeah y SE jyada sweet huh he’s going to the other ones and away we go boy I had no visible but one second explain New York you pay fifty percent tax right if I sent ya type 2 right 30 or 50 percentage but it wasn’t clear okay so take it easy and then if you wanna talk citizen to be very acid he’s a citizen they give me like no he’s the citizen it doesn’t go right now ya hear he listened it you say he got a green card ricardio Twenty twenty thousand from you uh huh so you get a date a six person yeah so did like you get like darkness a thirty thousand dollars but we gotta share it everywhere no no no everybody nothing it’s me hello I’m gonna go why everybody one sec hello sir where is where you go to claim maybe go now way I want to hear what he gotta say no I said don’t tell you know everybody me and you only that’s it why everybody they don’t pay you well I Hickey read where you have to you have to read it okay where we got it no come where you go read it where we gotta go record rated where do we need to go in the back okay let me tell you let me check how how to play no claim I’m instructions climbing instructions breathe oh yeah clinics as a year are you walking winning tickets of ten thousand dollars or more must submit clean or by mail claim forms supplied by Santa Claus I have a very weak are we gonna are we are we going to set the Domingo tomorrow the minute going public with a logical money a semi you know why we were playing I think I think I’m gonna have like running and one weakness.


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