Lottery Jackpot Winning Prank Gone Wrong On Girlfriend Video

lottery prank

euro millions lottery prank gone wrong on girlfriend.

hey guys and welcome back to another edition of SNS blocks thank you very much for the first vlog I think we’ve got 1k plus views which I never expected so thank you very much right while we’re here today is I’m gonna pranks on them what I’m planning is it’s called the lottery prank we’ve won the lottery jackpot prank so what I’m gonna try to do is somehow makes it look like we’ve won the lottery jackpot um thinking thank you think thinking thinking how are we gonna do this the problem is is a date with a date on you know she checks the day s camera boys honey Foster’s got 30th of June I’ll buy a ticket I’m gonna put the numbers that are the winning numbers for 30th of June yeah by June because I’ve got a June take easy so if we get the 30 that’s 130 oh there’s a burr ticket right so 30 if I chose those numbers yeah see what I thought yeah it’s there those are the numbers I have to get that’s my ticket so and this 87 million online loser okay all right it’s gonna be fun so I’m still planning on how to win the lottery Frank and I think what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna go buy my ticket now these ain’t the winning numbers I want to go by the way numbers for this date submit saliva booze yeah beauty you seen it huh I’m gonna prank her so I’m gonna make a thing we want a lottery so these numbers are not pre warm have you got it you got it you seen it already that’s so cool guys I just met someone else already viewed our videos she’s planning on video that’s so sick you know what that made me happy to do it thanks a lot thank you all right that’s the ticket that’s gonna force on them yeah so we have thought you have a Jew there we go the reason I’m doing this way they say she also the date I have the one with the day off see that these are the winning numbers for 30th of June hope it works and our hosts like she goes mad because she’s been wanting to win this check for for like years and years and years and years it’s like a dream so hopefully you’re gonna see some mad emotions I just gonna drop it to other it’s all fake but there should be fun let’s do this guy’s the students oh shit she’s alright guys we just ordered pizza which Suns gonna eat pepperoni pizza cheese a few shirts and check this my blazer I’ll wipe my blazer on see if it fits all right you know cut from this playing at one person would you say ygz right guys so I found this damn ticket in my pawn ticket what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck 17:35 39:56 oh my god we just fuck you won the lottery guys on fucking TV is fucking oh my fucking god Friday thank you for June is that what it says lieutenant can you call him now have you seen have you checked it yeah of June no other like their time at cooler wait how comes you didn’t check it from the 30th of June I have no but why didn’t you use that you’re wearing freaking said 1000 saw it in the fucking thing that’s why that’s there’s anyone claim it can you check that tables now we don’t take numbers baby the numbers 9 through history 17 1735 you know 4750 I’m buying the fuck that oh my god I don’t know I left in here in the top pocket but literature is there inside and when I was fucking about yeah yeah I was fucking about I was our year john boy you know whatever in it and then fucking okay 87 me man each wedding and everything like crazy light weights that I would like this is not real I don’t understand this is not real I don’t get it I feel like we just slide into the number time zone or something it’s just seems so surreal I don’t think we’ll realize it’s real until you get the check why do not come with you you cannot see that we weren’t 17 35 39 yeah 35 39 47:56 and eight always comment man no tears of joy tears a fucking joy man why are you crying 1 times he played that game and then you’re just disappointed afterward it’s like he’s working you one image I’m so happy I’m recording a bit.


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