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Lottery Emergency.

hi to bees dr.pol teach here doing a driving vlog so I’m not doing a lot of the exciting part 1 I just had this is a lot of reemergence now in America you know the big lotteries I actually you know play like three hours every week I’ll play one mega ball and I will play the powerball with Power. Point it’s been playing the same number for 30 years just and I take the ticket I look at it on the computer first I might miss you know when it’s one TV I don’t even have a TV so just to make sure I don’t ripped off get ripped off and everyone thinks I’m power Lee so here’s the lottery emergency I went to my local lottery place at the corner in Northeast Philadelphia on bustleton avenue right here washington high school now they never have someone in there will speaks English now something people used to say this is America and in America you don’t speak Portuguese you speak Spanish baby joke haha because English is American is the language of this country and you should be able to speak if you want to be here if I move to Germany they will let me go to school there for free but first I’m going to have to learn German and pass a literacy test so if i move to any other country in the world I better learn that language or I’m not going to be able to get along and Americans don’t have little ghettos and every country around the world like so many other nationalities do I went to the corner store now first I looked at my lottery ticket on the computer and I knew that I had a winner you know probably only twenty fifty a hundred dollars first I go to the corner store like oh here i put it in his thinking it says you know winner and it says a lot less than what i had calculated so he used to just hand your lottery ticket to the guy cashier and he would read it now they don’t want to do it anymore now they have their own little reader that you put it it well that’s fine and good except that some of the places rigged it so that you lose and then they hope you want to throw it out and then they go in the trash and take it I saw i SAT and watched a guy who worked at this gas station put his hands in a trash can and pull out lottery tickets and open them up that’s what’s going on if you go in the store and you put the thing your lottery ticket in the reader that is there for the customers some of the places have it rigged so that you’ll think you’ll lose and throw it out now would i get a lottery ticket first thing i do is put my name address and phone number and pen that cannot be erased let me repeat that now in America the lottery is actually real I know people that have one regular people actually win it’s not a ripoff and if those benefits senior citizens but many people are ripoff artists and totally unscrupulous I mean it’s not enough for these people that when you in the store wins also a percentage which is fine and good I want the money spread I don’t want to stand in the way of anyone’s happiness but i want everyone who’s ripping me off to die extremely slowly be hung upside down have their skin stripped off covered in salt and then have 10 men stand around and urinate on them for days and days until they die well this might seem terrible but that’s why i have not been elected as kingdom world yet people would be afraid to rip you off if I was in charge but I have some different ideas that has nothing to do with it so first I take my ticket and I put it in the reader and it comes up as less of a winner then it should be so that I take it up to him I go you know this is really like a twenty dollar winner and it’s it just came up with like a three dollar winner and which his answer is he doesn’t speak English so I hand him the ticket and he starts running it through and his machine first years he goes home what you would because they don’t want to pay more than twenty dollars if the place you’re going for lottery and a supermarket will be better don’t go to gas stations I mean they’re now saying if you do go to a gas station don’t use a credit card because they may have the credit card reader set up to transmit your number and your credit cards would be maxed out you know in half an hour in any case you go to the store their reader that you put it in might not read it right you’d better have calculated what you’re going to win before you go in they want to keep your ticket and take it and win themselves which they’re going to double bang it because the store wins every time you win which is fine so that’s it that’s the lottery emergency the winery emergency is you will go in the store and the reader that is there for the customers might tell you you’re a loser when you’re a winner and might tell you you won three dollars when you 120 thousand and truly if you 120 thousand they’re never going to have that in the store for you you have to get it in a check and pay taxes on it but what’s the end of it if they won’t even pay you you know 20 hours then something is going on there they show their required to they should have lottery take you away certainly the store near me that I don’t want to say where it is goes I don’t want them to come blow up my house watch the reader watch the guy the guy also try to hand me back a different ticket I went my name’s not on the back of this where’s my ticket no don’t don’t you’ll do good no it isn’t oh yeah I go you’d better give me back my ticket and he goes all right and he goes Saudi mistake it was not a mistake you know and this is the lottery emergency and nobody should have to police the lottery but this is how humans are this is how people are and you I have found stuff like this in the lottery places that are run by people that don’t speak English so I have nothing against anybody I mean my family came over here from Russia Ukraine and Austria I don’t hate anyone but I hate people who were ripping me off and I do safeguards I don’t think i’m going to write a book about this on kindle but this is certainly a safeguard I walked into a place that sells lottery and almost got ripped off in three different ways the reader didn’t work and told me I was a loser when I was a winner the guy himself couldn’t read my card then when he could he gave me back a different lottery ticket because he knew it was a winner don’t let this stuff happen to you dr. Paul kites please comment subscribe and share and if you play the one I’ve been playing the lottery for you know 40 years so haha boy could this one possibly save you some money if you didn’t know this was going on blessings. .

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