Lilly Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank


nothing nothing damn it one day I’m gonna go get me some Maurice beating it nothing yet me either damn it no more no wait what a dollar that’s cool that’s your first one yeah no yes sir maybe national breeze not my time on the second one didn’t get nothin yet damn it I want a dollar at least you want a dollar I’m still scratching payment gotta keep trying there was somebody near me one 200,000 that he was telling the fuck out of here yeah 200,000 hours until I 200,000 he was living in your seriously and that’s a lot lily I love you 200 lily I fucking love you why get the fuck out of here i buy me a car yeah or even bullshitter I’m not owning it though man wait a minute what is this what is this do you win anything what is this new jersey body right yeah that’s all I buy this right here’s how to go yeah so I bye I don’t like Pennsylvania oh my god nothing or dollars not value all 50 states thank you you’re fucking great hands around her neck now see I was filming this fucking care why are you feeling no no.


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