Kelly & Ken Show – Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

Kelly and Ken had some fake scratch-off lottery tickets and thought it might be funny to let Ashleigh think she’d won. –And it WAS!!

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speaking of the lottery yes our friends from the lottery corporation have sent us 5 lottery tickets in the mail they’ve got five new scratch off games they’re introducing August first so they sent us I guess some bonus tickets but where they hit the streets okay we’ve got luck of the Irish casino cash lucky shot high dollar and gold digger oh yeah I am two of those things which ones luck of the Irish a gold digger all right which one do you want to give everybody one we’re each gonna scratch one off ah I’ll take luck of the Irish give her the Gunners are you all right all right we’ll give Ashley gold digger I’ll take lucky shot I’ve never played a scratch off before you’ve never scratched off a tough ticket all right what do I do hang on well I’ll do it at the same time and I’ll let me see what how what you can win here um on mine I can win up to 5,000 how much can you win on yours 5,000 5,000 amateur me to 5,000 okay so match any three amounts to win up to five thousand dollars all right write them all off at the same time or at your penny got my coin got your coin I gave everybody a coin oh wait I got a penny how much you have a three quarter you look and you have a nickel and have a penny I got a quarter so what how come I got to penny hey I might just take my quarter your diff I don’t I don’t want it now okay you were one of a kind ah alright so we’re just gonna scratch all at the same time or should we uh one at a time you go first all right so just scratch off 35 thousand yeah yeah yeah I’m excited no don’t tell you I’m learning scratch it Kelly scratch out there $25 did you keep it dicted debate that pop pop pop pop $5,000 z10 dollars i’m not gonna win here that hard to scratch off $25 actually speaking I’ve Dalia Hassan I didn’t win anything all right mine 25 10 is thrilling on the radio sure but thanks to the folks from the lottery for sending us see ya and get them when they become available August first 10 yeah I didn’t get anything either all i got was a mess I got ya I got a mess and a dirty penny all right okay so three what is yours gold digger yeah yeah we match three that’s three to win what is it five thousand yeah oh well jordy lose I got 10 oh but I got 25 thousands so I can go ok so did you scratch them all watch it all scratch every little really yes you I’ve not only got to pick three probably won a dollar sing get another I have 35 thousands no you don’t you do not yes I do that’s right here you scratch them all up Oh what what does this mean for me uh match 3 amounts you win that amount what does this mean oh my god no way 50 seriously oh my god serious and no way no way what noise wait whoa really let me see let me see ok till do not get me high you got a ten dollar you’ve got a 5000 you got a 25 you gotta find you got two fives one two three she’s got five she’s are you kidding they got 35 thousand dollar amounts on her lottery card oh my god are you serious Ashley so what if this mean that means take your five thousand dollars richer I guess is that right it is no this morn that’s how it works look at the front uh match 3 amounts you win that amount I thought only had to scratch off three no you mad result you scratch everything Ashley I made some in to get the one person that really needed the money I was not in there well read the back let’s see where do you send it off to winning prizes claimed wherever lottery tickets are sold winning tickets of a hundred dollars blah blah blah valid only in your dreams sorry listen let me tell ya today is my official two week notice his idea it was not my idea to us Kelly I’m about these fake lottery cards I found these in Myrtle Beach nuts and should we prank actually I left it up to kid what and instead of course I should prank guys like know is this idea totally came up with I was like now we probably shouldn’t do it you know Kapoor Ashley you’ve probably messed with their mind too much and cows like no I insist we’re gonna do this oh my goodness tech tell us some how your emotions your emotional roller coaster just then how was that well due to the history of my life I assumed it was wrong but you guys you guys finally up I was like oh cool I’ll get out student loan debt new hub cap sorry I sleepers it says on the back I mean let me take off my glasses so I can read it right it says winning tickets must be sampe blah blah must be sent by mail or in person to the money fairy one two three nowhere drive in make believe land valid only in your dreams any resemblance to a real or implied lottery ticket is what makes it fun this ticket for entertain purposes only thanks for being a good sport was that fun and were you entertained yeah yeah disappointed it also says that small print here it says be mad at Kelly because it was totally his ideas broadcasting across the globe your behavior is outrageous and unacceptable deleon can show.


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