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lottery prank

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everybody how’s that you by doing today it’s crisp evil for those who don’t know me so today we’re going to switch it up just a little bit how would you feel he was just a couple thousand dollars richer would you be excited or would you think it’s fake let’s see how my friends reacts it is this is the lotto prank match three like amounts win that amount like a live life my audience appearances from the Chinese a question yeah only he’ll be changed are you telling you would three languid or anything and you’re in charge it can be a winner shut up you got a new five is my name rank is five hottest that doesn’t ten thousand 25 very fuckin up help local sanitation niggas in 10,000 WI whenever I’m sorry never know oh oh god here but it’s a say we’re not like right which get off fuck out of my store want peace nigga maroon it doesn’t know let me go play is 110 ranks some fucking good the fucker I want to work sunday rags do the fuck right now right now fucking luck with some I’m not going to get all right now stop get my ID have the luck though fuck you how is your head to head sir by a woman that sir sorry that’s real oh yeah you seem like being on my life it was their solutions i’m irish shit look at a fucking Irish Muslim yo guys I’m gonna go prank my bro right now if we will win and get you when I found out her nose never lies and appends our brothers excited too quick oh shit how much you can win them I don’t know life I about the Minnesotans from it I know if you win you know if it will mushroom oh you have to guy like to your mom my Jean you do you will find us and you mean are we five thousand you want to drink in line oh that’s nice I window must be amongst together it’s like got too much to be more on those I know look there boys on the role like 500 * has three amounts to wind ever move you have to walk to the store later oh gr1 you one bro we’ll see you all save oh you’re going to take it or two now this is bullshit yoga set match any three miles to win yo that’s a hot pocket right now it says match any three amounts to wait three months right so that’s 5000 s as a friend.


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