I Won The Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

So guys today i pranked my bro that i won the lottery

Smahs 5 on the

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Christ and your back against another lobe stay a maximum to pack my brother I did one before my last video but I don’t know how it got to leave it to Scott Lee but today we’re gonna do lottery pranks shout chase 56 recommending this and totally fine right now today I’m gonna be like a lottery ticket yeah guys horrible okay I got the list all together here lately the last lot of ticket was one IP on my people girlfriend with this corner and if you take is encrypted Palin circulating know what I mean I hope this hotel well there’s these other numbers and that goes like it don’t have 50 to 55 so I’m really if you get or two things that you forget for thank you get four four numbers you get like 25k but this isn’t a fake sugar a fanciful okay let’s get a pan goli five minutes later yeah Dennis little check the number you know what I was going to shock me did I mother I’m gonna what so many difficulties if we thought the owner or the quality Congress ministries says waiver then you please oh yeah we just already strong context it one but it could listen to one come on here will not be willing got a lot of the coding follow under a commercial watch it Oh will you being up yeah ha ha ha shut up bitch oh bitch bitch bitch you don’t know people don’t know well that you want I’m just saying we happy yes great little mama we are not means to me good cause it’s people open them who do that so you need four numbers to in your natal homing on this book it’s almost double them and you can get free if you have to be headlock there’s no no Dahlia of course it didn’t work okay talk 35 wait for numbers yes and 46 alone holy shit we don’t want that when we have our cure by happy god yes little part that’s another talk yeah bit continues then I’ll be found through we’ll give it to that people holy shit Rama GE do mama Oh No be cool see she she need to know she darling why you want to keep the money yourself aha he doing it alone ah only your parents so one more thing close your eyes I did collect money you in the check what I said wait right here cool cool come here over your own oops you go back so that’ll be platinum over exactly oh yeah gosh I could I want one now I want with OMA cool and I’m s okay so guys I pack him badly tell me what was I to do oh my gosh she’s gonna start running oh shit no and guys he’s gonna start channel guys subscribe if you’re new here it’s much like button follow my Sagami the description below do love them much like when I guess mash bad Lex and you guys please.


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