“I Won The Lottery” Prank On My Sister! Fake Lottery Winner Prank!! Video

lottery prank

I Won the Lottery Prank on my Sister!! Fake Lottery Winner Prank… back at it again. Cant believe I got her with this lottery prank. LOL! Prank Wars!!

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what is up everybody hey spirit with the CNB crew I’m back with the shenanigans again so I originally started out wanting to do a blog like Christmas shopping but it was kind of awkward so instead I’m like pulled over right now I’m getting ready to prank my sister Lisa it just came to me I’m gonna do the I won the lottery prank especially at this time of the year that’s a really good prank to full on people I’m probably looking kind of rough I see me looking kind of rough but I’ve been shopping so please forgive me but anyway I’m just gonna get right into this prank because I turned the car off the radio and the heat and everything so that it would be extra sounds but let me call her oopsy answers people are driving around looking at me crazy yeah oh my gosh oh my gosh you wouldn’t not you not gonna believe this you are not gonna believe this I’m like in the car right now oh my gosh I’m sure we ain’t gotta work no more cuz I got winning winning winning winning winning when I went in I cannot believe it oh my gosh I don’t even know what to do first like I think I don’t even know I think i’ma call the attorney I think um the taxes right I gotta handle the taxes I don’t even know I gotta go shopping I gotta buy like eight cars like I don’t know what to do I gotta open like oh my gosh I gotta breathe for a second I gotta breathe I’m just playing it’s a prank I’m sorry it’s Christmastime and I know like winning the lottery would be awesome I just got done shopping but it’s a prank I know you get excited easy nobody I think this one was a little bit better than my last phone I’m getting better at these palm prints you guys I’m getting better at the phone pranks but anyway please if you have not already click subscribe below click the like button if you like this prank and comment below if you want to see something else alright so and there’s another vehicle driving slowly by staring at me looking at Lee but anyway you guys thank you so so much we bring we greatly appreciate you alright stay tuned thank you till next time.


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